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Knd6: Hello, knd6 here, and if it's cheesy I love it! I'm doing another collab countdown, this time with my pal mastergamer20. Say hello, buddy!

Erin: Hi guys, and please call me Erin, Mastergamer is a nickname cause I play video games. Speaking of which, we're talking about a video game series, this time, Sly Cooper!

Knd6: We both love these games to death! It was fun, the plot is really good, the comic-esque style suits it really well, it's what revolutionized the sandbox genre and all the characters are memorable.

Erin: Yep! And not only the Cooper Gang and Inspecror Carmelita Fox are memorable, but the villains also. The villains Sly and his Gang encountered are dangerous, evil and clever. And we're here to talk about the baddies, in celebration of 10 years of Sly Cooper.

Knd6: We're going to rate these baddies based on design, personality, boss fight and their overall accomplishments. Note this is based on both my and Erin's opinion, it's good if you like other villains more, but respect our opinion if you will. Now with that said...

Knd6 & Erin: Let's do this!


Erin: To start, we have Mz Ruby, the mystic gator of the Fiendish Five in the first game and boy, she was scary. And the swamp levels, even more scary and she has a giant snake. But she is skilled with some Voodoo powers...

Knd6: At a Young age, she was shunned by the other kids because of these powers, so she learned to summon the undead to have a playmate. Kind of sad really…but at an adult age she turns her mystical powers to crime to punish the world for fearing her as a child, breaking laws of both men and nature.

Erin: Yikes! Now, I feel sorry and scared of her at the same time! And also the boss fight with Ruby is different from the other bosses, after you hit her the first time, she challenges Sly to a game called Voodoo Simon Says and you have to mash the button, that matches Ruby's spells to dodge, if you don't you'll get zapped, so it takes some time and practice and you have to have a good memory to win the battle.

Knd6: But that same boss fight, while unique puts her low because the fight can be annoying. That and she was only in one game. So she isn't fleshed out enough.

Erin: I'll have to agree with Knd6 on this one. Ruby only appeared once, but she's memorable.

Ruby: "See you in the next world, Sly Cooper."


Knd6: He calls himself the smartest man on the seven seas...and he might as well be. Coming from a place where they are stuck in the pirate age and despite his more primitive state of living, he has managed to steal from Black Spot Pete and give the Cooper gang the slip

Erin: Not to mention, booty trap the map, following the Cooper Gang and kidnapping Penelope, the Gang's RC Expert. Man, that pirate captain is ALWAYS one step ahead of the Cooper Gang, and he's also the arch-rival for Bentley. But he's low on the list cause he only appeared once and his boss fight was really easy, but you get to play as Penelope.

Knd6: I feel more ashamed that I forgot to include him in my top 15 pirates list (but I've added him now). But still, up until his defeat by Penelope and becoming sharkbait, he was a truly nasty pirate.


Erin: Oh yeah, Dimitri is a funny villain and stylish. He was once an artist but was criticized by his style, angry and misunderstood, he turned to forgery and began duplicating old masterpieces, his way of punishing those with bad taste. Not only that he's a forger, but a dancer too.

Knd6: Of all villains he's easily the funniest with his English learned from hip-hop video's, huge ego and funny comments. And his theme song is easily the best in the series! He was also a very fun and decent first boss in Sly 2.

Erin: Yeah, he can shoot lightning from his cigar (don't ask) and does breakdancing moves to fight, plus he's also a playable character in Sly 3, where he's a scuba diver for the Cooper Gang (after Sly got him out of Venice). His gameplay is fun but can be hard (man, I hate third person gameplay)...

Knd6: But despite being so low since he's no longer an antagonist, he's so much fun, we couldn't resist but to put him on this list…let's end it with a Dimitri quote.

Dimitri: Gotta keep it smooth!

Knd6: You got to love that guy.


Erin: Yep, Tsao is on the list, since he's an unlikeable creep, he kidnapped Jing King, the Panda King's daughter to force her into marriage so the bloodlines can crossed, plus he even kicked a puppy, twice!

Knd6: Not to mention, being sexist, boastful and downright unlikable. I hate his guts…but I recognize him as a great villain, and being smart enough to steal Bentley's computer. Plus, his boss fight is one of the best in the game, even if it is to put him into his place. You fight on top of a bamboo forest while you fly! And then you fight on the floor in an epic duel…I already mentioned how awesome this fight was in my fav boss list.

Erin: Yep, but it's not over yet. After you free Jing King and steal Tsao's Treasure and destroyed his temple, he summoned a dragon to kill the Cooper Gang, but Sly beaten it and escaped. Tsao thought he still has his bride, (not knowing Jing King escaped), but it was Carmelita in disguise and she zapped Tsao with her Shock Pistol and arrested him. That jerk got what's coming to him and the people are happy to see him go!

Tsao: Beware, beware the power of Tsao!

Erin: Oh, shut up!


Knd6: What a bitch. For the first half of the second game or so, she appeared as an helpful ally and a charming young lady, appearing to help us find clues or lead us to hidden entrances. But this kitty showed her true colors when the heroes were trapped after the fight against Rajan...

Erin: Yeah! And she even sets up Carmelita for a crime she didn't commit. Plus she wants the Clockwerk parts for herself, and then later in the last episode of Sly 2, she was working for Arpeggio to rebuild Clockwerk, but she (of course) betrays her boss and formed with Clockwerk to became Clock-La and she killed Arpeggio. Man she is twisted!!!

Knd6: Not to mention, it's because of her Bentley is paralyzed. No wonder she made the number one spot on my Top 10 fictional bitches list. But at least she's gone now…she is gone right? Oh well. As bitchy as she is…she has accomplished a lot for a villain and that's why she's higher up, but not any higher because she's a backstabber.

Erin: I agree with you, partner.


Erin: Jean Bison is a cool and underrated villain in Sly 2. He was frozen 100 Years age during a gold rush and now he's free to tame the Wild North in Canada.

Knd6: By chopping down all trees and damming every river, cause progress, in his eyes are reached with the sharp end of an axe. But he's a fish out of water in our time period. In his time he might have been a hero, but he's a criminal now. Kind of sad, really.

Erin: Yep, but his boss fight in Sly 2 is cool and unique. You play as Bentley and use the equipment (logs, fire and saws) to fight Bison and Bison can attack with his horns and dynamite. Man, this guy not only has brawn, but brains also, since he made the Iron House Trains and he can see through the Cooper Gang's judge disguises and he rob them of all the Clockwerk parts and sold them to Arpeggio.

Knd6: If you think Jean-Bison is a dull villain, then you really are stew-pid!


Knd6: If you want to know where Kung Fu Panda got his inspiration, look no further. Combining martial arts with pyrotechnics, the firework maker Panda King. Once looked down by the noblemen he admired because of his poor lifestyle, he turned his firework arts to revenge and became the demolitions expert for the Fiendish Five!

Erin: Yeah, and his boss fight is cool and awesome! Dodging fireballs to get up to him and whack him while his Fiery Wheel, Palms of Thunder and Booming Chop. Plus he gets bonus points for character development in the third game, where Panda King has to work with the Cooper Gang to save his daughter, Jing King from General Tsao.

Knd6: Yep, and while he reforms, this major development from a hate-filled spirit to a kinder and humbler father is the reason we put him so high. He also gets a rather entertaining yet touching moment of bonding with Murray when they find the cooper van.

Erin: Yep, and also helps Sly fight off Crusher the giant squid in the pirate level. With his good backstory, character development and awesome fire powers, the Panda King is worthy at the number four spot and he has cool Flame Fu! (Couldn't resist)


Knd6: Black Widow much? A criminology student falling in love with a rich aristocrat who died mysteriously (and with that I mean she poisoned him), using her newly acquired fortune to build a rehabilitation center for criminals, and the success of hypnotherapy has earned her a rank at Interpol…But you later learn she is much more then that!

Erin: Yep! It's nothing but a scam! She uses hypnosis to brainwash inmates so they tell her where they hidden their loot. Plus she revealed that she's part of the Klaww Gang, and she's could the only villain to capture Sly (along with Murray and Carmelita), but luckiily Bentley freed him. And her levels (Prison and Mansion) were hard to go through in the game.

Knd6: And every time I play through them, I get chills down my spine…wolf ghosts, bad mojo and stuff. The Contessa herself is an easy boss, I never lost to her once. But it's her actions, her cunning and her skills that put her so high.


Erin: Yep! The brains of Connor's (Sly's Dad) gang and main villain of the third game, Doctor M! He thinks Connor is not a good friend and he wants the Cooper Treasure for himself, but it's locked in the Cooper Vault and he spented years trying to break it from big machines to giant mutants!

Knd6: Going coo-coo for cocoa-puffs in the progress, he constructed a fortress with security equal to Fort Knox. It required Sly to recruit additional members in the form of a mystic (Guru), an RC specialist (Penelope), Demo-man (Panda King), and scuba-diver to aid him in the quest. And even then Sly nearly got killed.

Erin: He would've been, but Carmelita arrived to save Sly. Then the Gang got back the cane for Sly. Then after going through the vault, and Murray and Bentley holds off Dr. M, the mad doctor arrived, and Sly and Dr. M prepared their final battle, and M is a force to reckon with!

Knd6: Indeed, not only he's strong enough to keep up with Murray, the spider machine connected to his skull interface can fly, fire lasers and create powerful elemental attacks. After getting bashed around by Sly for a while he finally gets put down by Carmelita, but not before giving Sly amnesia…or at least that's what Sly wanted Carmelita to think. As the heroes escape the vault, Dr. M refuses to leave the vault, having lusted over the Cooper fortune all his life, refusing to give it up despite the consequences…

Erin: Yep! With his backstory, IQ and Final Battle, Dr. M is the second dangerous Sly Cooper villain. But you know who is number one....


Clockwerk: Cooper! You will never be rid of me, Clockwerk is superior!

Erin: That's right! You knew it was Clockwerk! Killer of Sly's Parents, Founder of the Fiendish Five and the greatest villain the Cooper Gang face!

Knd6: How could he not be number one! You Sly fans already knew it! We knew it? Who else could it be? This guy used his own hatred and jealousy for Sly's family to keep himself alive for centuries, just to wipe out his rival clan. Later on he replaced his bodyparts with soulless machinery to become even more dangerous. He is nothing short of a serial killer!

Erin: And he only let Sly live, because without the Thievius Raccoonus (which he and the Fiendish Five stole), he's nothing. But he was wrong. He's also a genius, building a fortress and Death Ray in a volcano in Russia and then the final battle with Clockwerk!

Knd6: Final? Not so much. His parts resurfaced as tools used for the criminal schemes of the Klaww Gang until Arpeggio decided to reassemble them and through a carefully constructed master plan would gain Clockwerk's immortality for his own. Until Neyla took it from under his nose. But Clock-La ends up being defeated by the Cooper Gang.

Erin: Right, and then it was revealed that the Hate Chip keeps the Clockwerk parts active, but it was destroyed by Carmelita and the parts were turned to rust/dust, ending Clockwerk. Clockwerk is gone but there's a rumor that Clockwerk will appeared on the upcoming Thieves in Time game....

Which I'm excited to get, next year!

Knd6: Same here! After all, hate is eternal. This was knd6…

Erin: And Erin.

Both: And we're hyped for Thieves in Time!
Luckily Erin still had a copy of the list
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