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After picking up a doubloon, we travelled to an age of pirates and scurvy…haven’t robbed a pirate since we went up against Lefwee. Carmelita explained she had no jurisdiction in Blood Bath Bay, which prevented her from going there…that explained why we never saw her there. But I rest my case. We travelled to a time the most prominent female Cooper was active. Henrietta ‘One-Eye’ Cooper. She was the scourge of the seven seas, stealing from other pirates and corrupt privateers. It was said she was so good she could actually smell gold. I don’t know how much of it is true, but we’re about to find out.



The Gang was somewhere around an island in the Caribbean. There various bird-like pirates patrolled everywhere. Albatrosses with flashlights, macaws with cutlasses and seagulls with flintlock pistols.

Bentley: Sly, you must know the drill by now. Before we can figure out what’s going on, we need some recon pictures. I’m pretty sure you can provide them, but I still ask you to be careful, we still don’t know what we’re up against in this timeline.

Sly: Whatever it is, nothing fazes me anymore with what we’ve been through. Seriously, our lives are weird…understatement of the century…whatever one we’re in right now.

Sly wasted no time as he took several shots of the surrounding area. He took several pictures of two notable flagships. One looked familiar, another one not so much, and it looked out of place.

Bentley: That one ship belongs to Henriette, but it’s those birds patrolling. Something must have happened to her and her crew. We need to take it back later. The other ship…it has technology too advanced for this timeline, I’m pretty sure Warek and Penelope have been visiting some rival pirate clans. We need to find out where Henriette is being kept.

Sly patrolled the area some more until he came across a stony building in the shape of a bird skull. He took a picture.

Bentley: It’s a place where the pirate clans put mutineers and thieves, a pirate prison if you will. I guess Henrietta has to be there. But they have some serious firepower. It’s better if Carmelita goes with you.

Sly: Always willing to go on a heist-date with the woman of my dreams.

Carmelita: Not my idea of a date but as long as you’re here, I’m sure I’ll enjoy it.

Bentley: Save the making out for later, please?

Sly had to climb across the prison walls, avoiding flashlights and laser traps, sneaking across ledges and doing some of the usual platforming. He was on top of the roof as he looked down.

Sly: There are too many…I guess that sneaking is out of the order. Carm, you got your shock pistol ready?

Carmelita: I always got my shock pistol ready. I hope those pirates love shock therapy.

Sly: Was that a one-liner? From you?

Carmelita: Guess you’re rubbing off on me.

Carmelita went in and it soon became a game of taking cover and shoot whenever a bird pirate showed it’s ugly mug. The crackshot she had picked up from Tenessee really helped with that one. As soon as the guards were cleared, they reached an inner sanctum.

Carmelita: Sly, I see your ancestor, she’s in a cell…It’s locked, and I’m sure one of those meatheads has the keys. I think this is your department.

Sly: Your right on that. Just give me a few minutes.

It didn’t take Sly long to sneak up on some goons, emptying their pockets of loot and keys and then take them out with a silent obliteration. Sly and Carmelita then could go on and unlock the cage.

Henriette: Huh? What’s going…that cane! You’re a Cooper too? I thought I was the only one at the moment…and you allow a dame on the crew?

Sly: Yeah…I know how prejudiced they are towards woman in this place, but where I come from we don’t have that problem, my thieving gang is both male and female, equal rights.

Henriette: And quite an addition she is…never seen a flintlock that shoots lightning.

Carmelita: Actually it’s a…never mind, we get you out, we’ll brief you later.


We brought Henriette to our hideout, where she was briefed on the whole situation. To say the least she was hot-blooded and ready for action, but we had to calm her down until we had a plan. When asked about Penelope and Kaluk Warek, she recalled how her arch-enemy Blackfeather had two new crew members who matched the description.

Henriette told us about Blackfeather. He was born a pirate and his whole life was piracy. As per tradition of his lineage he took over after committing mutiny against his father who also did so for his father ect. Sort of a twisted variant on my family history. Blackfeather wanted to be known as the scourge of the seven seas, but Henriette and her all female crew (who wanted to show they aren’t inferior to men) always gave him the slip.

But he’s a pirate provided with high tech and he managed to take her ship, the Wavebuster, her treasure and her crew from her. Well, I guess we’ll just have to take it all back. Cooper Gang style.


Bentley: All right gang, we’re going to restore everything back to status quo, and that involves Henriette getting her ship, crew and treasure back. But we’re going to need various tools first. We first need special sands to upgrade the Thief Costume, which Henriette can get for us. Like the time in Blood Bath Bay, we probably should get the ship back, and upgrade it to go against Blackfeather’s flagship the Flying Dutchman.

The girls will team up to steal special ammo to upgrade the cannons. Murray and Sly, with the new improved Thief costume, can go and collect some spare parts we can use to create some shielding on Henriette’s boat. Then we go after the gold, the crew but at first and foremost, the boat. I’ll brief you once we get to that. Now, let’s get started!


Bentley: Henriette, before we can take your boat, your crew and your gold back, we’re going to need to upgrade Sly’s Thief costume. Slowing down time isn’t enough, we have to stop time temporarily. That’s where you come in.

Henriette: Shellboy, with all due respect, I have no idea what I can do to fix great grandpa Salim’s suit.

Bentley: You can smell gold right? Well, the special mineral we need for the hourglass staff. The mineral is often found in the same places as gold ore. You see the cave up ahead. In the future it will be known as a gold mine…you can’t dig out any or the timeline will be messed up, but you can dig up the special ore.

Henriette: Shame…but on the other hand getting gold is much more fun if you steal it from crooked pirates.

Henriette entered the cave, which was being patrolled by more pirate birds. She noticed some ropes on which she could walk.

Bentley: Henriette, those ropes don’t look safe to walk on, they are rotten, unless…you use your Swift Monkey Blur technique. That way you can safely and rapidly walk across the ropes without breaking them. Nice variation on Salim’s Cobra Climb technique.

Henriette: Yeah, he was quite the inspiration for me, thanks to his tales I managed to find Sinbad’s treasure. And it’s thanks to him I created this move. Now, consider the ore as good as found!

Henriette maneuvered through the cave without problem, as long as she kept using her Monkey Blur to quickly move across the ropes. By using R2 on the rope, she moved swiftl across, and by holding L1 she could smell the gold, along the clusters of gold was also a cluster of the ore. Using circle when she was near a wall or piece of floor with the ore, she pulled it out. Once she had enough ore, the mission was finished.



Bentley: Sly, the ore Henriette has collected is now mixed with the mystical sands in the hourglass of the Thief Costume’s staff. Now you can’t merely slow down time, but stop it! You’ll have to use it to navigate through the weapon stash and collect some armor we can use to upgrade the ship once we get it back.

Sly: That sounds interesting…if we get victorious we can literally stop it in time to relish it even more!

Bentley: Don’t get too cocky with it, it’s only temporary, so use the stops wisely. Just press R2 once you have the suit on to stop time. You can use it to get across the river!

Indeed, the river was too fast and wild to cross normally, but once Sly stopped time he could jump across the wreckage in the water safely, provided he was fast enough to cross until the time stop wore off, which he was. Once he maneuvered in the underground caves and rivers he entered the armory from the bottom.

The Time stop was also useful to cross several laser traps, the lasers having become so fast the suit’s powers were needed. He reached the inner sanctum and found the piece of tech.

Sly: I have it, but how is this piece of tech provide better defenses for the ship?

Bentley: It’s a special force field. Anything more advanced than a primitive cannonball bounces right off.

Sly: That’s good. If cannonballs are the worst thing to fear…though I remember them doing quite the damage to the ship back in Blood Bath Bay.

Bentley: Not as much as some of the future tech can do. Now bring it back to the safehouse.



Bentley: Ok girls, we’re going to need some real girlpower. Kaluk and Penelope have really upgraded Blackfeather’s forces so we need some of their experimental gunpowder to upgrade our own arsenal. You girls ready?

Carmelita: Ready as can be!
Henriette: You bet!
Robin: Just count on me to put an arrow in anything.

Bentley: Okay, Carmelita, at first you’ll have to fire your way all the way through security and then disable the electronic locks with your blaster. Robin has to put up some ropes for Henriette to walk on. She can use her Swift Monkey technique to cross them, and she has to be quick because the locks are high tech and reboot themselves after some time, so we need to get the gunpowder sample fast!

The girls worked closely together to get the gunpowder. Carmelita went commando, Robin created some ropes for Henriette to walk on and the female raccoon rushed over the ropes, eventually getting the sample. The girls got out with the gunpowder. The big boss arrived himself after the sample was already taken.

Blackfeather was a raven, and wore typical pirate captain gear, though he was clearly much bigger then Lefwee or Arpeggio.

Blackfeather: Those Coopers! Always making me look bad! Those fancy toys of ye do not make it any better for me!

Penelope: Quit whining. Bentley was smart enough to coordinate a theft, be he won’t be able to stop the production of the time tunnel, so we no longer need to mess around in different time periods, but just one…the beginning of time! No, you can’t do that, you’ll destroy everything…that’s the idea, I can make sure you’re never around to push me back…you won’t control me! I will, I already do!

Blackfeather: Who in the name of Long John Silver are you talking to?

Penelope: No one, now shut up!

Henriette (having seen the conversation): Bentley, that mouse chick you warned me about…she acts strange, she talks to herself, like she’s two different persons.

Bentley: Really? Can it be…just return for now. I’ll figure this out later!



Sly: So, explain to me again how you are going to take the Wavebuster back from Blackfeather?

Bentley: I already told you, I use my RC boat to take out the coast guards, then use the Helicopter to pull the locks that hold it in place, so you and Murray can take it back by force. Do you even listen during my chalktalks?

Sly: I do but I forget half of it…

Bentley: What would you guys do without me?

Sly: Let’s not find out, shall we?

Bentley had his RC Boat out, which had its harpoon aim at the motors of the speedboats patrolling the water around the Wavebuster, pulling it off, breaking the boats apart and sending the pilots in the water.

Then Bentley has his chopper bomb some locks that kept the Wavebuster in place, while at the same time avoiding air attacks and missiles.

Sly and Murray then could make it on top of the deck of the boat and fight off some herds of seagull and macaw pirates, finally claiming back the boat, and make it set sail for the sea. However, some other pirate ships arrive.

But then it became a fight similar to the ship fights in Sly 3, and with the Cooper Gang’s coordination, they manage to sink the ships and get away with the boat.

Henriette: Oh my precious flagship, I missed you so much!

Sly: Do you and your ship need some alone time?

Carmelita: Let’s get some alone time too, I could use some rest and relaxation.

Bentley: Don’t take too long with the lip wrestling, there is a lot more to do…



Bentley: Sly, Robin, we’re going to have work closely together to recover the treasury. I need to hack into the security to make it work for us instead for Penelope and Kaluk. But I need you to clear a way for me. The Time stopper and the ice arrows are perfect for that. Those power lines are sensitive for cold, and once they are frozen, any arrow can shatter them, cutting down the power of the trickier security systems.

Robin: Nothing to worry Bentley, my aim is impeccable.

Robin’s ice arrows did good at freezing some power conduits and once they were shattered it made easier for Sly to navigate. He still had to use his time stopper to get around. He pressed a switch, making way for Bentley who had to hover across a few gaps to get there.

Bentley: I’ll do the rest, the treasury is as good as ours!

Bentley was in the hacking world, in his shell code. He had to navigate through five rooms and in each one he was forced to focus one code at the time. In the shell code room he had to blast enemies, firewalls and collect keys. In the Panzer code room he had lots of crystals and tank codes to blast, the Speed code room had lots of laser loops and enemies around corners, the spark room had a lot of rails and charges and the Dopple code had lots of codes to copy. But in the end Bentley made it through.

Hack was complete, and the security turned on the pirates, chasing them out and making the treasury once more property of the Coopers.



Bentley: Ok guys, we are going to best Henriette’s crew out. They are kept not in the prison, but on a small island. There are some pirate guards who once in a while come by to drop off provisions, but they are left to rot out in the jungle. We are going to make that ship ours as well, so we have to ships to go up against the Flying Dutchman. But first we need to distract the crew…

Carmelita: And I know just how…I got yourself a nice dress, Bentley!

Bentley: What? Me? But…

Carmelita: I told you I would get you back for making me bellydance in Ancient Arabia. You put on a dress and will pretend to be a female musician. Payback is sweet.

Bentley: Sly, do something?

Sly: Sorry, I’m brave enough to go in a chase with her, but I’m not going to argue with her. Sorry pal.

Bentley: With friends like you, who needs enemies.

Bentley, in a dress, playing a female musician managed to board the pirate ship. One thing Pirates loved was music. Bentley had an accordion, and this was pretty much the same minigame as Carmelita’s bellydance and Murray’s Geisha dance, a game of ‘Simon says’ with the square, triangle, circle and X buttons.

While the guards were distracted, Sly could sneak on board, use his stealth moves to take out the steersman. Then he snuck up on each of the others, silently taking them out when they were mesmerized by Bentley’s music.

Sly: The crew is down, the boat is ours, we can pick up Henriette’s crew…and you look good in that dress.

Bentley: Ha-ha, real funny. Ok Carmelita, you had your fun, I learned my lesson, can I get out of the dress now?

Carmelita: I think I got enough payback…all right, get back into your standard clothes. But let it be a warning!



Bentley: Ok guys, it’s time for Operation Maelstrom! But we have no time to waste, this is going to be a direct attack. We got two ships, while Blackfeather has a fleet, but without Blackfeather these guys don’t know up from down, so we keep him distracted and the others won’t be able to do much. It’s up to me to take down Penelope’s time tunnel before they alter the timestream permanently. No worries, I’ll be up to it. You know your roles, now let’s get to it!


The Cooper Gang’s ship, the Wavebuster sailed into waters with the enemy pirate ships. They just did the same against the enemy ships as they did earlier, even though they were outnumbered, the goons piloting the ships weren’t as tactically advanced.

Bentley climbed aboard one of the defeated enemy ships and chased down one particular pirate ship, one he saw Penelope board during the fight. He eventually caught up to her near a ring-shaped rock formation. At different parts of this formation mechanical parts were sticking out, the rock formation was the time tunnel.

Bentley glided aboard Penelope’s ship, ready to confront her.

Bentley: Stop it right there, Penelope!

Penelope: Bentley…I should have known. Too bad you’re being a slave to Sly, but once I enter the beginning of time and change everything, you won’t even remember Sly and you’ll be mine…(spazzes) Bentley, don’t let her do this! I can’t stop her…stay quiet you…Bentley, help me!

Bentley: Stop who, how can I help?

Penelope: She…the other me…she came to be during my time as the Black Baron. The constant double life I led created her. I pushed her into the back of my mind, but she came back, I couldn’t stop her…(spazzes again) darn, I was hoping she wouldn’t be able to tell you that. No matter, I’m not going to let you stop me when I’m this close to my completion of my plans.

Penelope was inside a mech armor similar to the Black Knight one, but with a pirate theme. Bentley pushed a button on his wheelchair and it transformed into a mech suit as well, ready to fight off.

The fight was a lot like the fight they had in Medieval England. Only there were some extra’s. Penelope could fire missiles, and Bentley had a spin option that allowed him to deflect missiles. Also, there was a block function that allowed Bentley to block some attacks, but Penelope had that one as well. But for the rest the fight was much like the previous one, and Bentley was once again victorious.

Bentley: Penelope, if you’re still in there, fight it, fight the other you…despite it all…I still love you and now I know you’re still in there, I won’t give up on you anymore!

Penelope: He still loves me…I won’t let her beat me!

Inside Penelope’s mind, she found herself on a setting similar to when she fought Lefwee. They were on top of a mast, the good Penelope looking like she originally did, in overalls, while the evil one had a bodysuit. Both wore swords.

Good Penelope: I’m going to beat you!

Evil Penelope: I’d like to see you try.

The fight was much like against Lefwee, but instead of trying to push one another off, there was a health system and the blows could actually damage. Evil Penelope couldn’t resist taunting. When she doubled over in laughter Good Penelope performed a horizontal swipe, when Evil Penelope stood up and pointed, Good Penelope had to perform a vertical swipe. After enough swipes, the good Penelope and evil one clashed blades. Repeatedly pushing the X Button was needed to win the clash, and the evil Penelope was knocked off, tumbling down in the empty void below, disappearing back in the depths of Penelope’s mind.

Evil Penelope: No, not back into the pit, it burns!

In the waking world, Penelope fainted, exhausted by the mental battle. Bentley picked her up bridal style.

Bentley: No worries, you’re in good hands now.

But then Kaluk Warek flew by, a remote in his talons.

Kaluk: Penelope’s no longer my minion, but I can manage the portal without her! Adios, Cooper gang!

He opened the time tunnel, but Bentley fired one of his darts at the edge of the portal, damaging it as Kaluk was about to go through. The images in the portal flashed as the destination kept changing and Kaluk was sucked in.

Kaluk: No, that’s not where I need to go!

Kaluk dissapeared in the portal and it died out. Where Kaluk was stranded wasn’t clear, but at least it wasn’t the beginning of time.

Meanwhile Sly and Henriette had climbed on board of Blackfeather’s ship, the Flying Dutchman. There they confronted Blackfeather.

Blackfeather: You scallywags have foiled me for the last time, I will control the seven seas!

Blackfeather was surrounded by a group of seagulls and macaws.

Sly: You take the pirates, I take Blackfeather. When ready to switch out, just tag, so we both get a piece of him!

Henriette: You got it!

Sly first confronted Blackfeather. Blackfeather swiped with his sword in erratic patterns, but on occasion he would pull out bombs or a flintlock pistol for a single shot. All which were easy to dodge. At one point he would charge forward with his sword and get stuck if Sly dodged correctly so Sly could whack him several times. He repeated this until one third of his health was down.

Henriette tagged and now got her own piece of Blackfeather. Blackfeather now activated a gizmo he was provided with, making him invisible. However, Blackfeather, being a greedy pirate wore a lot of gold bling, so Henriette could smell him, and hitting him would disable the invisibility cloak for a limited time, but long enough to whack Blackfeather several times. This repeated until he was down to a third of his health.

Sly took the final third. This time Blackfeather ripped of his jacket and revealed a mechanical vest with a glowing core. It upgraded his attacks to make his sword shoot out crescent energy waves, his flintlock electric charges and create shockwaves. But once in a while he would charge up and created a blast that was unavoidable, but Sly just used the time stop to make him stuck in charge and whack him several times. Once the time slow stopped, the pack overloaded and backfired, dazing Blackfeather and allowing Sly to whack him continuously again, until the final third of his health went down.

Quick time event time! X, and Sly jumps up and kicks in the back of Blackfeather’s head. Circle, Henriette comes in and elbows him in the stomach. Blackfeather, dazed, swipes his sword, and with Square she dodges by leaning back. Square, she trips Blackfeather. Square again, and Sly performs a slam attack as he was still in the air. X again, and then L1 and R1 at the same time and both Coopers knee him in the stomach. He was defeated.

Blackfeather: Beaten time and time again by this raccoon female and her crew…I’d rather go down Davy Jones’ locker then to face the world again! (faints)

Sly and Henriette high five!



It was done. Kaluk seems to have dissapeared into the void, and Penelope was back with us. When I carried her back to the others, they were skeptical, but once I explained it all, they took it well. They had some doubts, but they’re a good bunch and were willing to give her a second chance.

Henriette said us goodbye as she and her crew sailed away, ready for more plundering as we got contacted by Dimitri, who was now talking up-class and stiff. Kaluk may have dissapeared, but there is still an active lieutenant of his active in another time line. Guess we have clean up to do, in Victorian London.

I had to drop of Penelope with an acquaintance of mine, a psychologist whose life we saved once during a heist long ago. He would watch over Penelope while we were gone cleaning up the mess Kaluk has done, promising I would come back to her.

After seeing Sly with Carmelita and Murray with Robin, I felt jealous because I thought my love had betrayed me and I was alone. I’m no longer alone, as she’s back with us, and once this is over, there is a lot of time I want to spend with her to make up…
Oof! Glad to get this one done. But I put Penelope back where she belongs, the side of good, and it's not the last we've seen of Kaluk! Next time, we meet Thaddeus cooper!
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