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Sly 5 Ancestors II by KivaHoloTitan Sly 5 Ancestors II by KivaHoloTitan
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Well known master of disguise, and a gentleman, he is charming and polite, and always has an air of sophistication. Though he finds his descendant a bit crude, he shows some admiration for Sly. And he also tends to flirt around Penelope and Carmelita, to Sly and Bentley’s dismay.

• Voice actor: Jeff Bennett
• Cooper Cane: Cane similar to Sly’s, only he has a blade weapon hidden in his.
• Smash attack: Knocks the foe up, then pulls out the blade part of his cane, impaling the foe on it.
• Special Move: Ledge Leap (while sneaking across ledges, Thaddeus can leap up or leap down to another ledge without falling off).

Otto didn’t have the physical fitness to perform his ancestors’ thief moves, but he more than makes up with technical genius, using gadgets and vehicles in his heists. Living during a period when the world was at war, he wants nothing to do with the war itself and resolves himself to steal from military officers. He is poetic in nature and sees the world in a negative light due to the war, but nevertheless he doesn’t hesitate to help out his descendant and his gang.

• Voice actor: Dee Bradley Baker
• Cooper Cane: Has no actual cane for combat, but has a wrench with the same hook shape as other Cooper canes, and the propeller blades on his plane have the same hook shape as well.
• Special Move: None (his entire gameplay is bi-plane dogfighting)

Sly’s father, playable during the last chapter. He learns what his son has become in the future and can’t help but feel pride. Though Sly told his father what might become of him, he refuses to let Sly save his life, because he doesn’t want his future sacrifice to be in vain, and also because he doesn’t want his son to waste the chance to meet his future gang and Carmelita.

• Voice actor: Paul Eiding
• Cooper Cane: Same as Sly’s (since Sly inherits his cane from his father)
• Smash Attack: Knocks the foe upwards, then spins his cane above him like a propeller, on which the foe lands and is obliterated.
• Special Move: Having invented the move to slide on lasers, he also invented a variation that allows him to Ninja Spire jump on laser nodes.
Toadsage1223 Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2013
I like Connor Cooper the most
crosserdog1 Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2013
my fave is the middle one
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