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Sly 5 Ancestors I by KivaHoloTitan Sly 5 Ancestors I by KivaHoloTitan
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Sly’s ancestor for Egypt, though not the first Cooper (that would be Bob) he is the first to use his thieving skills against corrupt nobility and other thieves. He is wise and calm, and really serious opposed to Sly’s wise-cracks, though expresses joy over the fact that he might have a family in the future which will continue his traditions.

• Voice actor: Dale Wilson
• Cooper Cane: Spear with Hook shaped blade
• Smash attack: Smashes foe upward, then creates a sand pit to drop him in.
• Special Move: Shadow Power (Can turn himself invisible, though he’s slower when invisible. Though he can still pickpocket and perform thief moves while invisible)

The physically strongest Cooper ever, though he is big he is able to use the thief moves passed down for generations. He’s a loudmouth and sometimes rude, he is big on heart and he loves both fighting and feasting. He at first was skeptical about Sly due to his scrawnier physique, but quickly warms up when Sly shows that he greatly mastered the Cooper’s thieving skills. He also gets along with Murray, due to both being big-hearted and strong.

• Voice actor: John Dimaggio
• Cooper Cane: Big hammer like stone-head cane.
• Smash attack: Smashes foe up with cane, then smacks him down with his fist.
• Special Move: Atlas Smash (Breaks open strong locks and doors)

Most well-known female Cooper and feared pirate, she is determined to show everyone she is not going to be overshadowed by her male ancestors or other pirates. She’s bold, brave and adventurous though somewhat rash. She doesn’t like taking orders, but when dealing with futuristic tech she realizes it’s wise to listen to her descendant and his friends. She also shows great deal of respect towards Carmelita.

• Voice actor: Cree Summer
• Cooper Cane: Cutlass with hook-shaped handle.
• Smash attack: Tosses foe upwards, then traps them in a treasure chest, which then explodes in a puff of smoke.
• Special Move: Henrietta is the only Cooper able to swim. She is able to swim around freely in the water. Her cane can be used for blocking attacks, and has an auto-lock feature where she pounces on underwater foes. Her gadget meter shows how much air she has left, but she can refill her breath on land or using air bubbles.
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