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VILGAX (Steven Blum)
Vilgax is a Chimera Sui Generis, and the Supreme Leader of the planet Vilgaxia, a world in the Shadow Realm Galaxy, the planet being renamed in his honor. A cruel conqueror and warlord whom seeks to unite the universe under his rule, seeing the GDA as corrupt officials and seeks to destroy everything they stand for and unite under his ‘benevolent’ rule. He was responsible for the destruction of five galaxies and the creates of a black hole.

Max has made an enemy out of him in his younger years, defying and stopping him at every turn, and at one point it was believed that he was utterly destroyed by Max. However, he had survived but spent years healing. Once tracking down the Omnitrix to Earth he sought it as a chance to get even with Max. He found the Tennyson’s annoying trait of thwarting him has passed down to his grandchildren and made an enemy out of Ben. Despite Ben’s arsenal of aliens, his combat skills are so great to best any of them in direct combat. However, Ben has managed to defeat him by trapping him in an exploding room. However, like with Max years before, he survived, but has spent the time healing again, returning in a form so hulking and strong that none of Ben’s aliens could scratch it. Though Ben managed to outwit him, using his pride and arrogance against him, Vilgax would always survive and return to haunt them.

Despite his hatred for the Tennysons, he has a form of respect for them as he prevented other villains from destroying them because he wants to do it himself, which is saying a lot if an enemy is worthy of his attention.

He may be cruel, he is hailed as a god on his homeworld, who revere with great respect and in return Vilgax cares for his people, not as much for other people then his own.

• SIXSIX (Dee Bradley Baker)
A bounty hunter with a large deadly arsenal. He was initially among a team of bounty hunters sent to recover the Omnitrix and his varied arsenal makes him a very dangerous foe. His skills came to the attention of Vilgax and was given a permanent position on Vilgax’ crew, which he greatly enjoyed since he has a sadistic love for hunting and killing prey. He has a grudge against Tetrax ever since he turned on them and they have become rivals, often suffering defeat at his hand and the Tennyson’s. Though his sheer skill and arsenal are enough reason for Vilgax to keep him around.

• VULKANUS (John Dimaggio)
A Detrovite like Technorg, but unlike him has no enhancements. He is less about planning and subtlety and more about brute force and directness, though by no means he is an idiot and has the cunning and ferocity of a wild animal. He joined Vilgax for the pay, but after being injured and forced in healing after a fight with Ben, he was injected with nanobombs which could detonate, meaning he is forced to serve for free and answer only to Vilgax.

• PSYPHON (Dee Bradley Baker)
Vilgax’ right hand man, and chief scientist, whom is undyingly loyal to master. Even Vilgax recognizes him as his most valuable servant, as he has been charged with great responsibilities like personally overseeing certain conquest or even filling in the rule of Vilgaxia in case of absence of his leader. As cruel and sadistic as his master, he may not be as powerful but his intelligence makes him extremely dangerous.

Formerly part of a biker gang set to rob places, she was a total sociopath, not caring for the people she hurt in her thefts. She accidentally got merged with alien tech from one of Vilgax’ drones and became a cybernetic warrior. She enjoyed the new power and used it to pull of big heists before the alien tech was separated from her by the combined efforts of Grey Matter and Upgrade. Afterwards, her mind was broken and she would go days screaming in her cells to get her power back. Vilgax tracked her down, impressed a human was able to survive merging with a drone and being so powerful at it, and promised to give her back her power, in exchange for her service. She agreed happily and has served on his crew, and was even happier to be given a chance to get back at Ben for humiliating her.

Kevin Levin was born a metahuman, feared by his family and the people around him because of it. His power was the ability to absorb energy, matter and DNA, though absorbing too much energy would cause mental breakdown and insanity. Running away from home and growing sociopathic, he caused havoc where ever he went. He met up with Ben and befriended him, though Ben called off the friendship as soon as he saw how Kevin was willing to hurt innocent people. However, Kevin proved able to drain energy from the Omnitrix and get the power of Ben’s alien forms. Ben defeated him and sent him running, but Kevin swore vengeance for Ben’s ‘betrayal’.

For a while the absorbed Omnitrix energy had a negative side effect as he transformed or spawned alien bodyparts at will and had to rely on Albedo to stabilize the mutation, only for him to betray Albedo afterwards after he was able to control his mutations. After Ben’s identity was revealed to the world, not everyone was supportive of Ben, and Kevin thought that he could finally make Ben see things his way, that if the world is not doing him any favors, why should he do the world any favors? Ben still remained by his convictions, but despite his defeats, Kevin was sure eventually Ben would become like him.

Kevin had been forced to work with the heroes on occasion, like the time Ben was forced to release his enemies from jail to let them help fight an alien invasion. Kevin fled afterwards like many others but afterwards had continued helping the heroes on occasion, though mostly it’s more for personal reasons and he has not given up his criminal life completely. Though he has gained more respect for Ben. No matter what happens when running in Kevin, the heroes are never sure whether he’ll help them or try to kill them.

Kevin’s father, whom left his mother Evelyn after she became pregnant. He is a metahuman with the same powers as Kevin, only having more experience. Now known as an infamous intergalactic criminal. He returned to Earth after years in space doing several horrible things, and was surprised and seemingly delighted to have a son, looking him up and trying to bond with him. Kevin seemed to be happy to finally have a parental figure that is happy to have him around (his mother is an alcoholic and his stepfather an abusive prick). However, Aggregor only tried to get close to Kevin to use him in one of his next big jobs, and it destroyed Kevin that the only person in his life he could call family is a fraud. It backfired on Aggregor as in a scuffle his ship was being tossed in a black hole, and Kevin took the last escape pod, leaving him to die.

ZS’SKAYR (Steven Blum)
Zs’Skayr is the Ectonurite which is the genetic donor for Ben’s Ghostfreak form. The Supreme Leader of the Anur System, a star system full of monstrous aliens whom were the inspiration of monsters from mythology. He was slain eons ago, but he managed to salvage one sample of his DNA by possessing an alien Azmuth was sampling DNA from for his Omnitrix. As Ectonurite’s consciousness lives in even a few strands of DNA, Zs’Skayr was eventually able to restore himself through the Omnitrix and break free, and then use Ben to become all-powerful. He was thwarted in his earlier attempts, but wouldn’t stay down for long as even if it seemed he was destroyed, he could restore himself or his minions would regenerate him so he could cause havoc once more. Once reuniting the Anur System under his rule, he would lead an invasion on Earth, only stopped by the gathering of all of Ben’s allies and enemies, including Vilgax whom didn’t want to be upstaged by him. Though the invasion was thwarted, Zs’Skayr is far from done for.

• DOCTOR VICTOR (Michael Dorn)
A Frankenstein-like alien with the ability to absorb and redirect electrical energy, and is a technological genius, building machines to use in Zs’Skayrs plans, and is even able to connect with and control them. He is the chief scientist and leads the Transylian faction of Zs’Skayr’s army.

• KUPHULU (Jeffrey Combs)
A mummy-like alien whom is the leader of Zs’Skayr Tep Khufan faction. Since his body is made of a bandage-like material, he can stretch and lash with them from great distances and regenerate after being torn apart as long as his head is intact.

• YENALDOOSHI (Kevin Michael Richardson)
A werewolf-like alien whom is the leader of Zs’Skayr’s Loboan faction. Bloodthirsty, having enhanced senses, sharp claws and teeth as well as a Sonic howl, he is a ferocious enemy to face.

• CAMILLA (Hyndyn Walch)
A female vampire-like alien whom is the leader of Zs’Skayr’s Vladite faction. Manipulative, seductive and playful, she adores her master Zs’Skayr. Her lust for blood even creeps her fellow Anurians out.

Aloysius Animo was a well-known scientist close to a break-through in DNA research. Though originally the research would be beneficial for medical purposes, over time Animo lost his mind and the genetic experiments he began to work on became more and more twisted, resulting in him being cut off by his sponsors and afterwards being declared insane and committed. After seeing Ben’s alien forms in action on the news, he broke out and started twisted genetic research to turn animals into giant mutant minions. After encountering and being beaten by Ben multiple times, he sought out to use his Omnitrix and the vast alien DNA within to create more powerful and dangerous monsters. His goal would always include a mutation of the world’s populace, to make them see the genius they always denied he was.

• CLARANCE ‘CLANCY’ ANIMO (Nicholas Guest)
Aloysius Animo’s estranged son. Like his father a scientific genius, he was also born a metahuman with the ability to communicate with insects. Because of his father’s reputation and his abilities he would suffer a series of misfortunes with as a result that he would end up shunned, homeless and penniless. Only the insects he could talk to he would consider his friend, and was very protective of them and hated humankind for their abuse towards them. He reconnected with his dad, whom knew what it was like to be an outcast, and Clancy would gain the means from his dad so his bug friends could better defend themselves from humankind.

ZOMBOZO (John Kassir)
Herbert J. Zomboni, better known by his stage name Zombozo, is a metahuman and the leader of ‘La Cirque de las Muertos’, a circus with metahuman performers whose goal is to rob their audience blind where ever they go. But that’s not all they do. Zombozo is a vampiric metahuman whom empathically feeds on his victim’s emotions. The more he absorbs, the stronger he becomes, increasing his strength, endurance and at full power can even create nightmarish illusions. The only thing that Zombozo himself fears is Ghostfreak, Ben’s scariest alien.

A metahuman with a thumbnail-like horn on his head and enhanced physical strength, though inferior to Fourarms. His low intelligence makes him always the one that is easier defeated then the others.

A metahuman woman with tentacle like hair, which she can use as additional limps, each tendril of hair as strong as Thumbskull’s arms. When fighting our heroes, she almost always ends up tangled in her own hair.

A metahuman whom is able to spit acid, either as a gas or a liquid. He is the second in command and the most powerful aside from Zombozo thanks to his ability, though if his mouth is jammed shut he can’t do much.

HEX (Khary Payton)
Hex is a sorcerer from the Ledgerdomain, an alternate dimension full of magicians and which is also Verdona’s homeworld. His goal always involved him getting his hands on mystical items to increase his own power and rule the world. The only one he seems to care for is his niece even if she at times has schemed against him (but being proud at her for this). After seeing Gwen has developed magical abilities he has either tried to steal her power or try to make her his new apprentice, but it failed. Though clashing with Ben for getting in his way, he has become much more of an enemy towards Gwen.

• CHARMCASTER (Kari Wahlgren)
Hex’s niece, and like her uncle is power-hungry. She first met Gwen after her spellbook ended up at a flea market by accident, and after Gwen developed a proficiency with it and her Uncle’s attention being aimed at Gwen. She has schemed against her uncle on occasion, though her uncle keeps her still around because she’s family. Initially she had a fierce rivalry against Gwen, when going undercover as Maggie, a new student to get close to Gwen she found enjoying time with her pleasant. Her rivalry with Gwen has also grown lighter after, despite their pasts, they found a cure for a disease Hex suffered from.

Michael Morningstar is part of the Amalgam Kids/Plumbers’ helpers, but unlike them was not turned in a hybrid by Sevantis, instead he was discovered to have a dormant metagene which Sevantis unlocked through brutal means. Once his gene kicked in in response to the torture, he was gifted with the ability to drain the life force of others to empower himself. Unlike the others, whom held on to their convictions, he had strayed, becoming twisted and gained the belief that those with power should be ruling the world, with the non-powered ones should be mere servants, developing a god complex. This caused a rift between him and the others, and was disappointed they didn’t join his ‘rigtheous cause’.

However an incident in which he was overfed too much energy on a mission made things worse. Due to the large intake of power, once it ran out, he could no longer be sustained the normal way and his thoughts would grow dark and his mind warped, going on a spree stealing life force and leaving his victims zombified husks for him to control.

Shapeshifting aliens whom are also referred to as Sludgepuppies. Their goal is to shapeshift, blend in with the populace and slowly replacing important people so that they can slowly gain control of the world.

• QUEEN CASSIA (Kathleen Barr)
Leader of the Lenopans. Like other evil rulers like Vilgax and Zs’Skayr, she desires universal control but she seeks more stealthy and subtle means, fitting of the shapeshifting abilities of her kind. One occasion she has absorbed all her subjects in her body to increase her form into a gigantic-near invincible size.

• LANDON AND ERTHA MANN (Steven Blum and Grey Delisle)
Lucy’s uncaring parents, caring more for serving their queen then for their own daughter, and outright disowned her for fraternizing and courting someone not of the Lenopan race.

ALBEDO (Tara Strong in Ben’s form, Eric Bauza in his natural form)
Formerly a student and assistant to Azmuth, he helped on creating the Omnitrix. However, he couldn’t bear Azmuth leaving the Omnitrix in the hands of a ‘primitive’ Earthling and resenting him for leaving him behind after his period of disenchantment. He created his own copy of the Omnitrix, but due to a glitch his Omnitrix synchronized with Ben’s trapping him in Ben’s human form, only with red reversed color scheme, red eyes and white hair.

At times he has used his similarities to Ben to frame him or cash in on his success, and made it one of his goals to return to his Galvan form and prove himself a superior Omnitrix wielder and creator. However, despite his intelligence, Ben has exploited his megalomania and great pride to his advantage. During one of their battles, Albedo is left catatonic when Ben, the ‘primitive idiot’ managed to point out the futility of his actions, and taken to the GDA Asylum for the criminally insane, still stuck in human form.

He recovered though and was released for good behavior. He finally realized he would not be able to best Ben and decided to instead persue goals that he could achieve. Despite being stuck as a human but set up an international business dealing with brand new technology becoming an intergalactic celebrity. By putting up a charming façade he mixed with high society and was carried by the people, leading the good rich luxury life. Though no longer wanting to destroy Ben, he instead just torments him subtly by rubbing his success in his face. And though he does some shady dealings, he can use his resources to cover his tracks and as long as he doesn’t cross the line, he knows he’s safe.

• NEMETRIX/‘NEMMY’ (Yuri Lowenthal)
Albedo’s copy Omnitrix. It has an AI, like Ben’s. Nemmy seems actually to be very disinterested in Albedo’s schemes and just wishes to be left alone, but due to his programming he has no choice but to comply. He seems to have an interest in the bond between Ben and Omni and feels that’s the reason that he and Albedo can’t win them (alongside Albedo’s short sightedness) but his suggestions are always ignored. He was later upgraded with an evolution function allowing the aliens Albedo used to transform in larger, more combat-oriented versions of themselves, trading self-restraint for power and it also hurts Nemmy when he does it. When Albedo was arrested, Nemmy was taken from him, and Ben promised to have the evolution feature removed and find him a person whom he call a friend, like he calls Omni a friend.

The Incursions are a race of frog-like aliens whom live for nothing but war. They have destroyed their own homeworld during a civil war and are mostly a nomadic race now, living on spaceships. They are a fierce fighting force and since they technically don’t have a homeworld, there is no territory where the Plumbers have jurisdiction over them. They are very prideful and went after Earth for the sole reason that they want to succeed where the Vilgaxian and Anurian Empires failed, only to overestimate their abilities.

• EMPEROR MILLEOUS (Kevin Michael Richardson)
Emperor of the Incurseans. He is basically addicted to war and conquest, thinking it as a very relaxing pastime. He is also very petty, having blown up entire planets in a tantrum. His tactics involve brute force rather than tactics and though the Incurseans have the firepower to back it up, his simplistic tactics would bite the empire in the rear, certainly when in a fit of overconfidence he thought he could take on Vilgaxia’s fleet to ‘remove competition’, only to be easily defeated. After this blunder he was dethroned and imprisoned by his daughter, something he is proud of.

• PRINCESS ATTEA (Tara Strong)
The spoiled daughter of Emperor Milleous. Despite sharing her dad’s cruel ways she is more level-headed them him and has tried to unsuccessfully try her dad out of his stupider plans. After the empire was seemingly crippled, She has overthrown her father and become the supreme leader and lead her people into a better age. She fell in love with Ben after finding one of his poems, thinking it was meant for her (while it was for Julie) and has clashed with Julie and Looma over his affections. Eventually she had to give up since she realized Ben would be too much of a goody two-shoes to join her.

• GENERAL CRASSUS (John Dimaggio)
The General of the Incursean Military forces. Loyal to his emperor, even if he questions his emperor’s tactics. He was torn between his loyalty and the welfare of the empire when Milleous got overconfident. Attea then seduced him in a political game to sway him in siding with her and overthrow Milleous, which he did. Though Attea, having grown fond of Crassus for real, kept him around instead of disposing of him like intended. Later on he had married Attea and become Emperor himself. Crassus is bigger and stronger than the average Incursean because the rest of his kind mostly have poor diets.

The Royal family of Khoros, the world where Fourarms’ species, the Tetramands.

• GAR RED WIND (David Kaye)
Supreme Warlord of Khoros. Despite being a Tetramand and valuing strength he is not violent but would go to great lengths to protect his people and most of all his daughter. Though his daughter causes mayhem once in a while, Gar is often the one who helps fixing the mess. Despite his brutish appearance he is a hearty man. He was part of an alliance Ben gathered against the Anurian invasion, and he was mortally wounded by Zs’Skayr, making his daughter the new Supreme Warlord.

• PRINCESS LOOMA (Kimberly Brooks)
The princess of the Tetramands. She came to Earth to look for a relic stolen from her people by Kevin Levin, but after seeing Ben as Fourarms into action fell into love with him. She has forcefully tried to court Ben, only to be churned at every time. She challenged Julie to a challenge for Ben’s hand, but despite her natural strength, Julie’s intelligence and level head managed to barely beat her. She accepted defeat but resurfaced to cause trouble on occasion before she found a new lover and mellowed down. She became the Supreme Warlord of Khoros after her father’s death.

• FORTE (Greg Ellis)
Forte is a Tetramand whom is stronger than a human but much weaker than his species. The only reason he is alive is because he much more intelligent than the average Tetramand and he makes the best weapons and vehicles, and eventually was offered a spot as the royal engineer. He developed a crush on Looma, but never had the will to challenge her to a courtship match, since he knows his own strength is inferior. However, Ben eventually realized that Forte not only loves Looma but is also quite smart, he convinces Forte to use his wits and smarts to fight Looma. His unorthodox fighting method worked and managed to defeat Looma, and the two were married three years afterwards.

A Cerebrocrustacean whom tries to prove the superiority of his kind over the Galvan’s in terms of intelligence. Though Albedo is a Galvan, he works with him because they share a dislike of Azmuth and because he gave him the Omnitrix blueprints. He has a fierce hatred for Azmuth, whom he calls his greatest rival. Azmuth doesn’t share the same thoughts as he thinks a rivalry just wastes time and resources, which further annoys him. He helped Albedo with the perfecting of his Omnitrix, and created the Predatrix, which can turn feral animals into any predator. At one point, he took the evolution feature after it was removed from Nemmy to enhance his Predatrix, but that didn’t prevent his future losses. He then used the evolution feature to enchance himself further, but after being bested by Ben regardless, the feedback damaged his mind and he was stuck in a feral, mindless state ever since.

The Predatrix is an Omnitrix-knockoff Psychobos created. Only instead of sapient aliens, it contains the DNA of feral beasts, mostly predators of Ben’s aliens, so he can use it to effectively counter Ben’s aliens perfectly and prove his invention superior. It has no AI of its own and is remote controlled by Psychobos himself, or anyone who can get the special control device away from him, like the hunter Khyber, whom decided to have a bit of fun with it after Psychobos was locked away.

Blank is a mysterious alien whom has no mind. He one day crashed down on Psychobo’s homeworld, and spent years in coma. Since he had no brain activity, he could perfectly handle being a test subject for the Nemetrix, being forcefully turned into giant monsters by the Nemetrix to be used against Ben. Eventually the Nemetrix was separated from him, Blank was finally able to be put to rest.

A giant lizard whom is Stinkfly’s predator.

A giant rocky crab/rhino creature whom is Heatblast’s predator.

A giant moth/mosquito-like creature whom is Big Chill’s predator.  

A fat blobbous creature whom is XLR8’s predator.

A cunning bird creature whom is Grey Matter’s predator.

A wolf/sabertooth tiger-like creature whom is Echo Echo’s predator.

A giant worm creature whom is Molequake’s predator.

A tarantula creature able to create energy webs whom is Buzzshock’s predator.

An anthropod/tyrannosaur-like creature whom is Fourarms’ predator.

An octopus-like creature whom is Brainstorm’s predator.

MALWARE (Corey Burton)
A Galvanic Mechamorph from Galvan-B, the moon of Galvan Prime. Created alongside all other Galvanic Mechamorphs after an experiment with nanotech from Azmuth, Malware was born defect and corrupted. Azmuth’s attempts to fix him had failed and only made him more violent, until Azmuth was forced to seal him away, only to be busted out by the Faction and taken in. After some experimenting he gained a more stable form and unlike the rest of his kind, was able to permanently absorb any tech he touched. Cruel and completely psychotic, he may hate Azmuth with a passion but still acknowledges him as a father of sorts.

After coming in contact with Ben, he managed to touch the Omnitrix enough times so that he himself could become a giant living Omnitrix, not fully turning into the alien but able to turn into black versions of them with red circuits, with a majority of their powers. However, it also left him with a weakness for Omnitrix-negating tech, like one of Azmuth’s contingency plans. Malware remained trapped into the form of an inactive black and red Omnitrix-like device until Vilgax took him…and had plans for him.

KHYBER (David Kaye)
An intergalactic hunter whom is known to have killed about a 999 worthy prey and plans to make Ben his 1000th trophy. He has spent years studying Ben and waited until Ben would be at a decent strength for him to fight on even grounds, as he doesn’t like an easy prey. He resorts to trickery and makes a game and takes pleasure in hunting Ben, not wanting his kill to be an easy one. The only thing he has ever cared for is his own amusement, which makes him more dangerous as he can’t be bargained with.

• BASKERHOUNDS (Paul Eiding)
A pack of ferocious armored thin dog-like creatures whom serve as Khyber’s means to track down and hunt worthy prey. He doesn’t treat them well, not feeding them to not dull their hunting instincts, their reward being the bodyparts he doesn’t keep as trophies.

Ben managed to tame one of the Baskerhounds after it was left for dead by Khyber, fed it and nursed it back to health. He took it home as a second pet dog, and named it Zed. Zed later turned out to be a girl and became a romantic partner to Ben’s Earth dog Digger, with a couple of puppies born shortly afterwards.

A small time hypnotist who uses his acts to rob people blind, but when accidentally hypnotizing Ben he becomes a much bigger threat, eventually acquiring alien tech to increase his mind control powers. However, he was tricked into accidentally hypnotizing himself and since then he has become utterly psychotic, kidnapping people and putting them in scenario’s, being ‘dolls’ for Sublimino to play with, totally detached from reality. He sees Ben as his ‘favorite toy’.

ARGIT (Alexander Polinsky)
A porcupine-like alien whom is a shady dealer, selling ‘quality goods’ and info for ‘reasonable’ prices. He has at times helped the heroes and a times the villains, depending on whom can offer him the best of prices.

Aside from their ‘mother’ the Vreedles are genetically created alien species. Rhomboid and Octagon are clones, and every time one set is destroyed, their memories are transferred to a different set. They come from a flawed experiment and thereby are not really intelligent and work as repo men, but have a bad habit not bringing in their prey alive even when asked to.

• OCTAGON VREEDLE (John Dimaggio)
The slimmer and slightly more intelligent of the two Vreedle Brothers.

The bigger, stronger but dumber and a blabbermouth of a Vreedle Brother.

Tess Vreedle is the original Vreedle, an alien scientist whom seeks out to create a ‘perfect son’, and unfortunately Rhomboid and Octagon were far removed from it. Her desire to create a perfect child goes without empathy towards anyone else but her herself and her ‘perfect son’. Her sons do everything they say, even if it kills them out of sheer devotion are too dumb or naïve to turn away from her.

EON (Judd Nelson)
An enemy of Paradox, a corrupt Chronian whom wants to control time, aside from merely protecting it. Despite Chronians living a long time, even they aren’t immortal but he wants to create a perfect time loop in which he can live forever and would consist of him conquering and controlling the universe for all eternity. Though this has come at a cost as he’s stuck in a time loop of countless defeats by our heroes. Though through the nature of time, while he may end up destroyed, past versions of himself, time remnants, still can pop up and pose a danger.

• MALTRUANT (Mark Hamill)
An evil Chronosapien, being of Clockwork’s species, being Eon’s servant. He is much more powerful than Ben’s Clockwork. In fact, he is a Ben from an alternate timeline whom got stuck in Clockwork form, his looks being corrupted upon becoming the only survivor of a timeline being destroyed, being turned into Eon’s puppet shortly after. However, he at one point broke free, but he has gone mad and tries desperately to restore his timeline by destroying another. He was killed by Eon, Maltruant in his dying words before fading away asks Ben to treasure his time, and save it all costs.

A female thug from Undertown. Powerful in her own right, she isn’t a genuine threat and more of a nuisance but they tend to get in the way. She just seems to have lost her way.  

She is a strongwoman, seemingly hulking and equipped in tech armor which can shoot the fists out like rockets, hence her nickname. But in fact she is a slim alien lady whom hides her insecurities by hiding behind an armor. Out of the three, she is the least menacing. She has a crush on Rook, often flirting with him. After agreeing to help the heroes on a mission, needing all the help they could get, she decided to turn her life around and become a Plumber.
Since my reboot ideas had become too big after one file, I had to split it into two.

Part two incorperates most of the villains, aside from the alternate Bens and Forever Knights (which are in part 1 due to connections to the heroes)
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This (and part 1) is really interesting. If CN decides to do a true reboot for Ben 10, they should use some of these ideas.
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Nice work with the second part.

I kind of feel sorry that this had to see sliced in half, but I know you couldn't help it.
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