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Ben was just an ordinary pre-teen whom loved comic books, video games, soccer and smoothies, lots of smoothies. While cocky and arrogant, he has a big heart and while at times he doesn’t mind a bit of pranking and glory, when things get serious, he is one to jump at a chance to help people. He found the Omnitrix on a camping trip with his grandfather and cousin, and it has attached to him. Since then he’s been acting the hero. Not to get attention (though that’s part of it) but to save lives.

Ben often has to talk Omni out of his more brutal and violent suggestions, and when he is not being stubborn, he is observant and would not rather fight if he feels the person he’s fighting isn’t bad or can be reasoned with. He may he book dumb, he is not actual dumb and has come up with unorthodox but effective battle strategies for his aliens and make observations to his enemies to deal with them.

Though Ben often is pushed to the breaking point, he can become really angry and brutal, and had at time come close to finishing foe, mostly when his family is threatened. During a time he went from the cocky relaxed person to a brooding, serious person once the pressure of past fights finally caught up with him and it took a while before Ben was able to relax or feel like a kid again.

Ben’s paternal cousin. She tends to bicker with Ben and while often the smarter and sensible then Ben she has at times being caught up or carried away in his schemes. While at odds with each other, they are close, like siblings and while at sometimes they tease one another, they truly care. She often tries to give Ben advice, which he often doesn’t immediately follow. She herself is very intelligent, and would have skipped a few grades at school, but doesn’t want to leave her friends behind.

Gwen herself, while not the one with the Omnitrix, is not defenseless as she is a blackbelt in various martial arts, and after finding a spellbook at a flea market, she finds out she’s able to use magic, and despite teaching most of the spells to herself, she has shown to quickly grow quite proficient with it.

Grandfather of Ben and Gwen. While he has always told them he was a plumber in his young days, he was actually not the typical kind of plumber. The Plumbers were a chapter of the United Galactic Peace Federation that operated on Earth and in his young years has saved the Earth from an evil emperor called Vilgax, presumed to have destroyed him and lost his arm, having it replaced with a very accurate prosthetic that can morph into a gun, though he never showed off he had those until Ben was gaining enough experience as a hero and was ready to tell his grandkids.

Despite his age, he has a soul and spirit much younger, and is a skilled combatant, strategist and tactician. He often gives good advice and wisdom to his grandchildren allowing them to grow as heroes. He has a strange appetite, often eating weird stuff like insects and sheep eyes in all of his dishes, unaware that his grandchildren don’t share the same taste.

Ben’s father, Max’s elder son. He is a technical engineer and is more laid-back and easy going in raising Ben, though he doesn’t allow Ben to get into any mischief. He knows about his father’s past but had hoped Max could have kept it secret and not drag his son into his world, not taking the Omnitrix into account. Despite his overprotectiveness at first, he allowed his son to keep the Omnitrix and be a hero.

• SANDRA TENNYSON (Beth Littleford)
Ben’s mother, whom is very kind and sweet, but is firm and overbearing towards Ben. She is quite protective and has a knack for making super-healthy foods which Ben seems to dislike. She loves her son dearly, and eventually accepted his role as bearer of the Omnitrix, but it doesn’t prevent her from having panic attacks every time he goes out to fight. She works as a real estate agent.

The Tennyson’s family dog, a very playful and affectionate German Shepherd. He is very intelligent for a dog, able to recognize Ben even in alien form.

• FRANK TENNYSON (George Newbern)
Ben’s uncle, Gwen’s father, whom works as a lawyer. A hearty and very extrovert person. He can be a bit of a goof, but he is a nice man. Once the Earth entered closer relationships with other planets, he starts to study alien laws, able to defend his nephew a few times in intergalactic court.

Gwen’s mother, who seems to be always serious and rarely smiles, and her voice sounds like she is perpetually bored. She works as an accountant and likes structure in her life. When the mess with aliens came around, she started to crack a little, prone to twitching and forced smiles, drinking heavily to cope. Despite her shortcomings she loves her daughter dearly, even if she puts high expectations on her daughter due to her intelligence and skills. She does realize when she is pushing too far and learns from her mistakes, makinger her a flawed, but doting mother.

• VERDONA (Barbara Bain)
A woman from a mystical realm called Ledgerdomain, Max’s wife, from whom she was estranged soon after Carl and Frank were old enough to leave the house. A skilled magician, she was glad to Gwen has inherited her powers. She’s very out-going and free-spirited and as a result she couldn’t stay in one place too long and has left after her sons were of age to travel, something Max is very mad about. Though split up, after finally tired of running and coming to terms with her past mistakes, she and Max slowly rebuild their relationship and get remarried. She now vows to put her selfishness aside and be the wife and grandmother she needs to be.

Gwen’s older brother, whom dreams of becoming a professional soccer player. He is looked up to by both Ben and Gwen. He is a caring older brother, loves to joke around and is very driven.

• LUCY MANN (Ashley Johnson)
In fact she is a shapeshifting alien known as Lenopan. The Lenopans were planning on shapeshifting and replace humans and conquer Bellwood, but Lucy never wanted to rule, she just wanted to have fun and appreciate the beauty of planet Earth. Disguised as a human girl she fell in love with Kenneth. Her love for him proved strong enough to turn against her own kind and side with the heroes. She joins the Plumbers, and Kenneth and her continue dating. Later in the series, they officially get married. She is a bubbly and cheerful girls with a love for pranks.


• OMNITRIX/OMNI (Yuri Lowenthal)
Azmuth created the Omnitrix originally as a way to bring the universe closer together, as a way of letting each other walk a mile in another one’s shoes, and for that they have been stored with DNA of over a billion species across the galaxy. However, due to the special abilities of most of the aliens, many sought to weaponized it.

The original Omnitrix, nicknamed ‘Omni’ accidentally ended up in Ben’s possession. He is a sarcastic snarker with a dark sense of humor. Despite being made for peace, he often suggest violent or harmful means to get the job done, and true to being an AI in the device, he is cold and distant at first, referring to the Tennysons as ‘humans’. He sees Ben as an ideal host though, due to his young, flexible DNA being compatible and Ben’s effective unorthodox strategies (when he isn’t being rash). When he is having one of his darker moods, Ben always is quick to put him in place. Though annoyed by Ben, he recognizes Ben as a worthy partner and stuck by him all the way, eventually truly caring for the Tennysons and accepted as part of the family, and developing emotions, and a concept of justice.

• UNITRIX/EUNICE (Molly C. Quinn)
The Unitrix, or Eunice as she is called later on, was a prototype of the Omnitrix, in fact making her Omni’s older sister of sorts. Unlike Omni she is very polite and sweet and detests violence. Unlike the Omnitrix, due to being a prototype, she can’t transform its wearer in the alien, just give the wearer some of the collected alien DNA’s power.

Since she had no form of her own, she had to borrow a body. She chose for the body of a girl whom was in coma after an accident, and animated her body for her to use. Since no one expected the girl to ever wake up from it, and the girl had no known family, there was little consequence for Eunice to use it. However, she is the only one keeping the comatose body of the girl alive, so if Eunice is separated too long from her host, her host would die.

She was first met by the heroes when she was on the run after her transport pod crashed to Earth and she flew out (able to fly under her own power) to seek out her host. She was then on the run from Vilgax’ bounty hunters until she met up with the heroes. Since she technically was related to Omni, she was invited to be part of the Tennyson family. Due to being an Omnitrix and containing Azmuth’s research, she is very intelligent in her own right, and becomes a part of the Plumbers’ science department.

However, later on, her host, due to exposure to Eunice, would later on awaken on her own. Her name would then be revealed to be Tabitha Uno, a girl whom got a history of violence and crime, running away from home at a young age. Once awakened and having control over her body again, she has been aware of what Eunice was doing and wanted to abuse Eunice’s power for her own gain. Only Eunice would actively resist as they share a battle over dominance of the body.

However, even when Tabitha managed to separate Eunice from herself, Tabitha found herself unable to fully regress in the bad person she was before her coma, as the actions of Eunice in her body means she has some of Eunice’s happy memories. As a result, Tabitha felt alone and returned to Eunice, feeling she is no longer complete without her. In an inverse of Omni, whom got better because of his host, Eunice made her host a better person.

Diamondhead is a crystalline alien with the ability to shoot and grow crystals from his body, has a limited healing factor and can reflect light and laser-based weaponry.

o FOUR ARMS (Richard McGonagle)
A four armed red alien with great physical strength and endurance, strong enough to lift a To’kuster and create shockwaves by clapping all four hands.

o GHOSTFREAK (Steven Blum)
A plasma-based ghost-like alien with the ability to turn invisible, intangible and possess people. The Omnitrix version has a second skin to protect him from sunlight and allows his eye to travel across the lines of his suit.

o GREY MATTER (Richard Horvitz)
A small amphibian alien whom may not have combat prowess but has enhanced intelligence, able to understand and build any kind of tech and has some knowledge about biological beings as well.

o HEATBLAST (Steven Blum)
An alien composed of volcanic rock, with the ability of pyrokinesis, allowing him to absorb and project heat at will.

o OVERFLOW (Max Mittelman)
A liquid alien in a containment suit whom has the ability to control water at will.

o STINKFLY (Dee Bradley Baker)
A flying insectoid alien with a stinger and the ability to produce slime from his mouth and eyestalks.

o UPGRADE (Tara Strong)
An alien composed of nanotech, allowing it to merge with, control and upgrade any type of technology.

o WILDMUTT (Dee Bradley Baker)
An eyeless canine-like alien with an enhanced sense of hearing and smelling, as well as having spines on his back so he can curl up into a spiny ball to attack.

o XLR8 (Jim Ward)
A reptilian alien with superspeed and sharp claws, easily able to break the sound barrier and run over water.

o ATOMIX (John Dimaggio)
A robotic alien with the ability to freely manipulate atomic energy.

o BIG CHILL (Dee Bradley Baker)
A mothman-like alien with the ability of cyrokinesis.

o BRAINSTORM (Corey Burton)
A crustacean-like alien with the power of telekinesis, telepathy, limited mind control and psychic forcefields.

o BUZZSHOCK (Eric Bauza)
A small flying, battery-like alien with the power of electrokinesis.

o CANNONBOLT (Fred Tatasciore)
An armored alien whom can curl up into a ball and run over its enemies. Its armor is also durable to withstand acid and even orbital entry.

o CLOCKWORK (Dee Bradley Baker)
A clockwork golem-like alien with the ability to freely manipulate and travel through time.

o ECHO ECHO (Dee Bradley Baker)
An alien of living soundwaves in an containment suit that is able to replicate itself and fire powerful soundwaves.

A wingless bat-like alien whom is covered with eyes, form which he can shoot lasers and use any type of vision.

o FEEDBACK (Yuri Lowenthal)
An alien which can freely absorb and shoot any type of energy.

o GRAVATTACK (David Kaye)
A rocky planetoid-like alien with the ability to manipulate gravity.

o GUTROT (Rob Paulsen)
An alien whom can produce and create any type of chemical compound it wants.

o LODESTAR (Dee Bradley Baker)
An alien made of magnetic ore with the power of magnetism.

o MICROBOT (Alex Winter)
A microscopic alien robot whom can shrink down to the size of a molecule.

o MOLEQUAKE (David Kaye)
A mole-like alien with the power of geokinesis.

o NRG (Dee Bradley Baker)
An alien made of radioactive energy in a containment suit, able to shoot energy beams from his hands and limbs.

o RATH (John Dimaggio)
A tiger-like alien with great physical prowess and claws which can create shockwaves across the ground.

o TERRASPIN (John Dimaggio)
A flying turtle-like alien with the power of aerokinesis.

o UPCHUCK (Dave Wittenberg)
A molerat-like alien which can devour almost any kind of matter and digest it and then expel it as exploding loogies.

o WAY BIG (Eric Bauza)
A gigantic alien the size of a skyscraper, with great strength and durability (even for its size) and the ability to fire cosmic energy rays.

o WILDVINE (Jim Ward)
A plant-based alien with cholokinesis and an enhanced healing factor.

o WARPPOINT (Bumper Robinson)
An imp-like alien with the ability to teleport at will.  

Aliens have been making contact with humankind far longer than anyone else has ever imagined. Some came in peace, helping out humankind where they could or just looking for a place to live in peace. Others were not so friendly. The Forever Guild was created in medieval times, by people of all kingdoms to deal with these kind of problems. Originally founded by the noble knight Sir George, whom became famous as the dragon-slayer in modern times, the Guild has had split up on various factions of the years with different motives, each with their own intentions and way to go about. Though several factions have kept the mission to create peace, others have taken on less benevolent goals.

The Forever Ironworkers were originally the branch of the Guild looking for developments and espionage, mingling with the general populace to keep an eye out for anything suspicious. Over time it became the only branch of the Guild that kept the exact original goal of creating peace between humans and non-humans. Being renamed Plumbers in more modern times, this branch is where Max Tennyson was part off and the branch where Ben and his allies work the closest with. The current generation are mostly relatives of existing Plumbers or metahumans.

o COOPER DANIELS (Cathy Cavadini)
Grandson of Max’s old colleague Sylvester Daniels, he is a prodigy when it comes to technology, helped even further by the fact he is a metahuman with technopathic abilities, allowing him to control, assemble, dissemble and study machinery at a rapid rate. A bit geeky, his heart is in the right spot.

o KAI GREEN (Bettina Bush)
Grandson of fellow Plumber Wes Green, Kai’s parents died at a young age, and her grandfather, doting on her has spoiled her rotten. As a result she had something of an alpha bitch personality. Ben at first developed a crush on her, and she used that and his powers to her advantage and behind his back berated Gwen at every turn. When Ben found out he was mad at her of course, but Kai was surprised that despite that he still saved her life. At that moment she first realized how horrible she has been.

She spent most of her time afterwards adjusting her attitude and becoming a better person. Ben hasn’t fully forgiven her but has accepted she has changed (though she still can’t resist teasing him), and though Kai has developed real feelings for Ben, he has not returned them.

o MANNY ARMSTRONG (Khary Payton)
Manny was one of the kids kidnapped by the Forever Knights and turned into a human/alien hybrid, with Manny becoming part Tetramand. After being saved by the Tennysons he was brought into the Plumbers. Manny is rash and cocky, but bigger than his strength is his heart. If only he thought his plans of attack through a bit more…

o HELEN WHEELS (Juliet Landau)
Helen was one of the kids kidnapped by the Forever Knights and turned into a human/alien hybrid, with Helen being spliced with a Kineceleran. After being saved by the Tennysons he was brought into the Plumbers. Helen is smart, brave, kind, nifty, and level-headed, though at times she usually tries to act rational and wise, and as a result her personality clashes with Manny’s.

o PIERCE WHEELS (Adam Wylie)
Helen’s older adoptive brother, Pierce was one of the kids kidnapped by the Forever Knights and turned into a human/alien hybrid, with Pierce being spliced with Argit’s DNA, allowing him to grow and shoot quills from his body. After being saved by the Tennysons, he was brought into the Plumbers. Pierce is level-headed, stern, tactical, and a natural born leader who holds the team together.

o ALAN ALBRIGHT (Bumper Robinson)
Alan was one of the kids kidnapped by the Forever Knights and turned into a human/alien hybrid, with Alan’s DNA being spliced with Pyronite DNA, giving him Pyrokinesis. After being saved by the Tennysons, he was brought into the Plumbers. As the youngest member of the team he looks up to the other and is quite meek.

o MOLLY GUNTHER (Tara Strong)
A new recruit, she is the only full-time member (not counting Kai) who has no powers at all. She is aware of that and to make up for it she works hard on her physical and mental training, becoming a very skilled combatant and tactician. However, this still leaves her with self-confidence issues compared to her teammates.

Formerly the military branch of the Guild, they have strayed from their path and now seek out to capture any alien, study it through painful experimenting, steal any tech or powers they may have and reverse engineer it in their arsenal or DNA, with an intent to unite the world under their rule; becoming a warped and twisted shadow of what it once stood for.

A former Plumber whom grew weary of his job, feeling that for every alien he busted, several took its place. Eventually he grew frustrated, and was then expelled after he violently handled an alien prisoner whom later proved to be innocent. He refused to apologize for it, no longer being able to see aliens as good. He later joined the Forever Knights, and over the years worked his way up until he became the Forever King, the leader of the Organization. He has deluded himself he is the leader the world needs and he will unite it under his rule to protect it from itself and all ‘alien scum’.

o LELAND ORPHEUS/ENOCH (Richard McGonagle)
Second in command of the Forever Knights, and the one that mostly led the operations where Ben, his family and the Plumbers are involved to. While Driscoll is deluded in his goals, Enoch doesn’t lie to himself, realizing that he wants power and does anything to get it. He seeks to overthrow his king, but has been unable to. After being left in Plumber custody by the Forever King for his failure, he created his own faction of the Forever Knights to oppose Driscoll’s.

A mad doctor serving the Forever Knights, his expertise being DNA Splicing, painfully experimenting on aliens and their DNA in en effort to create super soldiers. He was responsible for the creation of the Amalgam Kids and eventually spliced himself with the DNA of a Cerebrocrustacean to give himself psychic powers.

They are a branch similar to the Forever Knights, operating in the Far East. The Forever Samurai are a divided bunch, as some still uphold the morals of the Forever Guild, others seems to share their American and European Knight counterparts’ thirst for power and greed.

The original leader of the Forever Samurai, she has strayed from the path of the Forever Guild. Like Driscoll she seeks the elimination of the aliens, but she rebukes the use of alien tech or DNA for her goals, and instead relies on sheer physical training and mystical arts passed down her family line.

The Empress’ herald and personal bodyguard, never speaking a word and being deadly and effective, putting his mistress’ safety above everything.

Amaterasu’s ex-husband and leading the faction of the Forever Samurai whom are still loyal to the Guild’s code of honor. He doesn’t mind aliens or isn’t above using extraterrestrial technology, though he’s initially weary of Ben, whom had to go through quite a lot to prove himself to him.

Daughter of the Forever Shogun and Amaterasu, though she shares her father’s kind-hearted views. She has been trained in the Forever Samurai’s combat style, though she would much rather be a tennis champ then a samurai. She becomes Ben’s love interest, posing as an exchange student to flee her duties as the heir of the Shogun.

o SHIP (Vyvan Pham)
During a fight, Ben got shot by an experiment weapon when fighting as Upgrade. A part of his body got shot off, and it somehow developed a mind of his own, becoming a miniature mechamorph. It couldn’t remerge with Ben, and became its own being. Julie kept it as a pet, and she thinks of it as a practice baby for her and Ben later in life, something that made Ben nearly choke on his smoothie as she said that.

An intergalactic police force of sorts whom are allies of the Plumbers. In fact, the Plumbers are recognized as the Earth branch of the GDA.

Supreme head of the GDA, a female reptilian alien with telekinetic powers, and an ex-girlfriend of Max. She offered Max a spot by her side a long time ago before she became Magistrata, but he couldn’t leave his Earth life behind and they broke up on friendly terms. She has tried to get back together with Max in recent years, but they were never able to reconnect like they used to and remained good friends.

A humanoid fish-like alien and a high ranked member of the GDA. A good friend of Max he is the one to often check upon and assist the Plumbers on Earth.

• ROOK BLONKO (Bumper Robinson)
A GDA graduate whom is all training and no experience and was sent to the Earth Plumbers to get his first missions. He is from a farming community planet called Revonnah, and wields a shapeshifting weapon called the Proto-Tool. He is confused by Earth slangs and customs. Over time, he requested permanent transfer to the Plumbers after having bonded with Ben and his friends.

Galvan Prime, the planet home to Grey Matter’s species, the Galvan. Known as the smartest species in the galaxy, the Galvan Prime Science department is the most advanced in the entire universe and they work closely with the GDA.

• AZMUTH (Jeff Bennett)
Creator the Omnitrix, being called the smartest being in the galaxy. He originally created the Omnitrix for peaceful means and grew disenchanted with how others sought out to weaponize his inventions. He grew bitter, gruff and rude and thought of the universe not being worthy of saving until Ben, despite his young brashness, had a kindness in him that renewed Azmuth’s hope. He continues to use his intellect to not only provide the heroes with solutions, but also advice. He is quite fond of Ben, though Ben can at times get on his nerves.

• MYAXX (Vanessa Marshal)
A Chimera Sui Generis, being of the same species as Vilgax. On Vilgaxia, her homeworld, she was an outcast among the warrior culture for pursuing scientific endeavors not related to combat or war. She was taken in by Azmuth and she has helped in the creation of the Omnitrix, but finds she doesn’t get enough credit or salary for the work she did, often making snarky comments about her employer. Though Azmuth has mellowed out, she is still often annoyed by him.

• BLUKIC AND DRIBA (Paul Eiding and Eric Bauza)
A pair of Galvans whom are considered dumb for Galvan standards. They are capable in their own right, able to understand and build machinery but their over-eagerness causes them to overlook obvious flaws and rush things. Though they can get things done it is done by lots of trial and error. Azmuth still kept them around because he knows they have potential. It is seen that during several crisis they showed what they are made off as they are good at working under pressure. The two are longtime friends, and they roast each other like such. They tend to bicker about anything but are loyal to each other and Azmuth.

• TETRAX SHARD (Dave Fennoy)
Tetrax is a Petrosapien, which is also Diamondhead’s species. Originally a bounty hunter working for Vilgax, being lied to by the warlord as Vilgax said Azmuth has been responsible for the destruction of his homeworld Petropia. He was coaxed into Vilgax’ service and sought the Omnitrix so Vilgax could help him pay back Azmuth by destroying him with his own invention. However, it was later revealed Vilgax was the one whom had destroyed his homeworld, and after finding out, left Vilgax’ service and joined forces with the heroes, becoming a recurring ally.

• GLUTO (Dee Bradley Baker)
A blobbish slime alien with regenerative powers whom is Tetrax’ partner and pilot.

• TECHNORG (Jack Angel)
A Detrovite alien whom was captured, cybernetically enhanced and forced to participate in an illegal intergalactic gladiator match, until Ben managed to save him from it. Since then he has been a loyal ally of Ben’s. Later on the deposed of the corrupt ruling body of his homeworld with Ben’s help and became its leader, and his homeworld of Detros becoming an allied force against Vilgaxia.

• U’UMBRAN (Josh Keaton)
An Ectonurite, like Ghostfreak/Zs’Skayr, but unique among his kind and aliens from the Anur system he is not malevolent in the slightest. He became a mapmaker, charting out the universe, just trying to learn about the universe outside his home galaxy, growing fascinated with interplanetary culture, and Earth being a mix of thousands of cultures he was right at home. Ben realized this and spent some time trying to have his friends to accept U’umbran and that he’s not like the rest of his kind. He helped Ben regain Ghostfreak by donating a part of his DNA into the Omnitrix, and due to his kind personality, Ben would no longer lose control over the form.

Despite looking human, Paradox is a Chronian, a being of pure energy whom are the keepers of the timestream, making sure time runs freely and normally. Taking his duties very seriously, he hides his pains through a sheer optimism and has quite an eccentric personality. Due to the nature of time he speaks in riddles and carries a pocket watch, which is actually a map of the time stream. Despite not needing to eat, he is fond of sweets, especially gumballs. He has always supported Ben in his greatest of challenges.

• ESTHER (Tara Platt)
Esther is a humanoid alien from a race called the Kraaho, whom have the ability to stretch their limbs like rubber. They are used to warm climates so even during summer heat on Earth they are dressed in thick coats. She lives in Undertown where she and Ben becomes good friends and helped him out when less friendly members of her tribe forcefully wanted to cause an eruption to make the city above warm for them. Esther works as a volunteer at several charity events in Undertown, and after seeing how badly the place was managed she ran for Mayor in Undertown to help improve its state.

• ISHIYAMA (Keone Young)
A metahuman with great strength whom is Ben’s personal hero and inspiration. Ishiyama had been the hero long before Ben had the Omnitrix. Though over time he started to get commercialized in a series called Sumo Slammers, and had let the fame go to his head. Ben saw how bad Ishiyama has become as a hero and stated that while he was called Ishiyama, he was not the one to inspire him. This inspired Ishiyama to clean up his act and has at times helped Ben out.

• GENERAL KYLE STEEL (Michael Gough)
Originally a lieutenant leading a military operation aimed to find and capture Ben, whom was framed for a series of crimes at the time. Ben was able to clear his name later on and he became an ally and a liaison between the Plumbers and the Government, after which he was promoted to General.

• JEFFREY ‘JT’ THEODORE (Scott Menville) AND CASH MURRAY (Matt Levin)
Two boys whom are the bullies at Ben’s school. JT was a friend of Ben’s in kindergarten until Cash came into their life, and joined his antics to prevent being bullied himself. Ben has used his alien powers more than a few times to get back at them. Though after Ben’s identity was revealed to the world they started to become more friendly towards Ben.

• JAMES ‘JIMMY’ JONAH JONES (Scott Menville)
A geeky boy whom is Ben’s best friend at school. He has grown suspicious of Ben’s disappearances and has always somehow suspected his connection to the aliens, but only got it confirmed as his identity was shown to the world. He is a skilled computer specialist and hacker, as well as having a dream of becoming a reporter.

• EMILY HACK (Olivia Hack)
Gwen’s best friend, a girl in a wheelchair with a love of piano’s. She often shares her lunch with Gwen because she tends to forget her own food due to being so busy and pushing herself.

Mr. Baumann is an old friend of Grandpa Max, and owns a grocery shop full of exotic foods and drinks where Max always goes shopping for ingredients for his weird dishes. His shop also is one of the entrances to Undertown, and underground alien city on Earth. Ben has a habit of accidentally destroying his property during alien attacks. Despite that he may have a sort of fondness of Ben, knowing Ben tries his best to be good, and Ben at least helps fix the damage with his aliens once he’s done. Doesn’t help him from getting frustrated at time.

Ben has traveled to alternate dimensions and timelines before where he encountered alternate versions of himself and others wielding the Omnitrix. Some of them are as noble as he, some less, and some are outright evil. Under the leadership of Darth Ben, several evil Bens set out to conquer the universes of their goody-good counterparts, causing a war of the Bens. The war ended with the Good Bens winning over their evil counterparts and trap them in the space between dimensions, a white void with little hope of escape.

• BEN 10,000 (Judd Nelson)
A future version of Ben, where he has unlocked all the secrets of the Omnitrix. His version of Omni has evolved to the point that he can use aspects other aliens to upgrade Ben 10K’s aliens and even merge two forms together entirally. Ben 10K is quite a nostalgic person and always is seen reminiscing about the good times he had as a kid.

It is mentioned that he has married Julie Yamamato in the future and have two kids, Kenneth ‘Kenny’ Tennyson and Gwendolyn ‘Guinny’ Tennyson. Grandpa Max was promoted to the Magistratus of the GDA, his best friend Jimmy now is a reporter, Esther president of Earth and his cousin Gwen has two doctorates and is High Magus of Earth’s magical community.

• BRENDA ‘BREN’ 10 (Tara Strong)
A female counterpart of Ben from another universe. Her own version of the Omnitrix is nicknamed Trixie (Grey Delisle) but aside from that is just like Ben. She mentioned always having wanted a big brother and was glad to spend time with her male counterparts. Because his aliens are genderbent, her aliens have different names, Heatblast being Heatblaze, Wildvine being Rosethorn ect.

She mentions her version of Grandpa Max and Gwen are called Grandma Maxime and Glen.

• BEN 23 (Tara Strong)
A counterpart of Ben from another dimension where his Grandpa Max died some time before he got the Omnitrix. As a result no one has taught him responsibility and has used it to become a celebrity. He was recruited by the alternate Bens but his glory hog attitude (worse than the other Bens) made him more of a nuisance then a help. Only when the multiverse was about to end he snapped out of it and got his act together and upon returning hime decides to clean up his act.

His eyes are blue unlike the other Bens, and his version of Omni is blue, black and gold, and he is much more professional and obedient, like an employee towards his boss, but he and Ben 23 become less professional with each other over time. He also gives less original nicknames for his aliens, like naming Heatblast ‘Charcoal Man’, Way Big ‘Big Manster’ ect.

His cousin Gwen is a vigilante in his homeworld called Lucky Girl, where she is a female Batman/Daredevil esque heroine and has become dark, brooding and secluded. After Ben 23 got his act together, he patches things up with her and they decide to form their own League of Heroes to protect the world properly.

• NO WATCH BEN (Yuri Lowenthal)
An older, teen Ben whom never found the Omnitrix in his youth and led a normal teenage life. He has no idea what to do in life and is in some sort of mental crisis. He was attacked by the alternate evil Bens, despite not having powers, as they didn’t want to take any risks with him. He was given Albedo’s Nemetrix so he could defend himself and showed, despite his inexperience great proficiency like his counterparts. He was allowed to keep Nemmy after the crisis was resolved, as Nemmy wanted a good partner and No Watch Ben and he bonded.

• DARK BEN (Steven Blum)
An evil version of Ben whom is adult, heavily scarred and wears a black helmet and armor, and the armor transfers to his alien forms. He seeks out the core of the Multiverse, from which he cannot shape one universe, but every universe in his image. He recruits a version of Maltruant from before being stuck as Chronosapien, a past version of Albedo, Crazy Ben and Cyborg Ben to be part of his team. He ends up defeated and while the time remnants of Maltruant and Albedo were sent away, he and the rest of the evil Bens end up trapped.

• CRAZY BEN (Tara Strong)
An utterly insane and chaotic alternate version of Ben, whom is pale, always has a demented grin on his face and joined Dark Ben just because he thought it would be fun to mess up the Multiverse. He is dressed in a straightjacket, walks bare-feeted and his version of Omni is as insane as he is.

• CYBORG BEN (Tara Strong)
A cybernetically enhanced version of Ben, with Omni being part of his cybernetics and the two’s minds having become one whole of twisted cold logic. All aliens he transforms into have cybernetic enhancements to them as well.
This was the hardest of my reboot ideas to do to date, because there was a lot of characters I could work it. And I had to think hard on which characters I could use best and reimagine them in a better way.

I could use a lot of Ben's aliens because a lot are very cool, but some of them are just too similar and in the end I had to make cuts, because I only include the aliens that could bring in something unique to the table. I mean, If echo echo can do the duplication thing better and has supersonic powers to boot, what use is there for Ditto? Sometimes I merged characters together, like Armordrillo with Molestache into Molequake, or tweak them, like Nanomech into Microbot and Brainstorm in a more psychic-oriented character.

The Omnitrix and its brethern being equipped with AI make them characters as well, because the omnitrix is an icon in the series and pretty much characters in their own right anyhow. I used Nemetrix as the name for the evil Albedo's omnitrix, and Predatrix, the Nemetrix from Omniverse's original name, for Psychobo's knockoff. 

I put a lot of thought into it, and while I think a few more beloved characters and aliens could appear, i can't add them until I find something unique to do with them in the long run, but they may be added later. May being the keyword. 

I kept the best parts of everything across the entire run of Ben 10 until Omniverse, and maybe one element from the reboot (Overflow is the only thing I'll use because he looks quite neat), ignored some of the retcons alien force, ultimate alien and omniverse made, but in the end I wanted to pay tribute to one of my favorite cartoon series of all time, because Ben 10, no matter what ups and downs it had, I enjoyed it. Even though the Reboot is stupid, even that is harmless in the long run and I can stomach it fine since it is not as bad as Teen Titans Go! or the Powerfpuff girls reboot. In the end, I am glad I could do this. 

These are my ideas and opinions, and some may not agre. that's fine as long as you keep civil, and you probably have all great ideas as well. And I love to hear them, or you can give me suggestions to update certain characters I haven't been able to yet. Just post them in the comments.

It's getting a bit sappy here, so let's move more time?


Big edit: Since the last few edits I'm forced to split the document into two parts otherwise deviantart won't take it. 
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Zenoseiya Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2017
I agree with a lot of this. I would have done some things differently. I didn't like the aliens added in AF and onward since they're mostly redundant, fusions, overpowered or blatant toy commercials; if I included them at all I'd make them Albedo-only to differentiate him from a recolored Ben (as a joke I'd even have him saying he made the ultimate aliens as part of a toy deal since he's crazy, then have it fail like it did IRL). The metahuman explanation is probably the only original thing I outright don't like, since the human superpower is supposed to be something subtle like mental adaptability, lots of wizards and being able to have kids with aliens (somehow? this universe has magic after all). I would think it makes more sense to explain metahumans as the result of having ancestry from lots of different aliens not to mention the possibility of deliberate engineering. Kevin's codename "weapon eleven" implies there's a secret project that makes super soldiers. (Also a wolverine x-men reference.)
sweetheart1012 Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2016
great Reboot
TheNiceCommenter Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2016
This is really interesting. If CN decides to do a true reboot for Ben 10, they should use some of these ideas.
Rootofalllight Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2016
I can't remember. Was Gwen 10 considered non canon or canon since she appeared in Omniverse?
KivaHoloTitan Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2016
Gwen 10 was non-canon with the original series, but in Omniverse, Gwen 10 was revealed as an alternate dimension.
Rootofalllight Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2016
Oh, yeah. Omniverse Gwen 10 kept the Omnitrix.
MasterFusion Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2016
Oh, you weren't kidding when you said ere would be changes, because there are some major changes here.

I like new changes here.
Hertion333 Featured By Owner Edited Oct 19, 2016
See you added the alternate Ben's too, that's cool. A female Ben sounds interesting to bad Omniverse didn't do that. (I wouldn't mind a female clone of Ben like Dani Phantom)

Also, to be honest you gave Tara Strong a lot of roles in this, maybe try experimenting with different actors and actresses.
KivaHoloTitan Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2016
The alternate Bens are mostly still around Ben's age aside form the adults, so sure I gave most of the roles  of alternates to Tara Strong. Doesn't help she can do a lot of different voices and she is my favorite voice actor.
Hertion333 Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2016
Yeah, I like her too, but I like to experiment with actors and actresses and see if they fit or not. Like watching videos on there style of voices and stuff. Also, do you think Mark Hamill would make a great sounding older Ben Tennyson (in his 60s)
Hertion333 Featured By Owner Edited Oct 19, 2016
I see you changed the Attea and Looks marriage with Albedo, I like them marrying different guys than Albedo. Even though I like them being single and not have a man by their sides, but I still like it.

Also, what artist do you want to design this reboot (any artist you admire and dream of having on Ben 10)? Just thought I ask a more creative question.

As much as I like the reboot, I wish MOA went toward the anime route instead of going full blown cartoony. I prefer Studio Trigger (or Studio Bones if they decline) to animate Ben 10 because they would make the alien action scenes look freaking amazing and epic as well as making all the stories unique and character driven. I loved Kill La Kill and wish to see Ben 10 crossover with it. Sorry for the rant, but it had to be said. So many possibilities.
KivaHoloTitan Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2016
I have. I warned that my reboot may go through changes as I think of different ideas. 

I'm not sure. I mostly think of the style of the series being akin to the original series, with the characters from the newer ones updated in the original artstyle. 
Hertion333 Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2016
Yeah, it's fun to experiment with ideas for Ben 10.

Yeah the original series style is my favorite (Omniverse is a close second), I think an anime company like Studio Trigger can duplicate it perfectly but with better and fluid animation. I'm seriously kinda bummed Ben 10 didn't go that route.
KivaHoloTitan Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2016
Now I think about it, it's easy to imagine ben 10 in anime style.
Hertion333 Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2016
It's very similar to shonen anime (boy with a special ability and goes on adventures) even Generator Rex needs a comeback as an anime (would be cool to have them share the same universe as well)

The only problem is CN is too arrogant and think they don't need anime anymore. MOA has worked with anime before, I'm pretty sure they would love the idea with Big Hero 6 and the original Ben 10 being inspired by anime.
Even if I didn't like Omniverse, this is some good stuff. Also, I like the idea of David Tennant as Paradox and Yuri Lowenthal voicing the Omnitrix AI. Plus, I actually came up with a reboot but set in high school: adrenalinerush1996.deviantart.…

Any ideas for the Galactic Enforcers and Ester (the latter is one of the two Omniverse characters I liked that I put them in my fanfic Plumbers of Bellwood, the other is Rook, who's already in this idea) appearing in your idea or not? I was going to add Eunice and Elena but Hertion333 did it before I could.
KivaHoloTitan Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2016
Omnitrix was flawed but it had its stronger moments, like a few new concepts and characters of which several made it into here. 

I'll check that one out later.

I haven't thought of of what to do with those characters yet, once I find out what to do with them, I'll update it.
AdrenalineRush1996 Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2016
Omnitrix? Don't you mean Omniverse?
KivaHoloTitan Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2016
Yeah. My bad. 
MasterFusion Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2016
These are some good ideas for a Ben 10 reboot.

Nice Work, my friend. Thumbs Up 
KivaHoloTitan Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2016
Thanks. Keep your eyes peeled, though, there may be some future changes coming up. 
Rootofalllight Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2016
I take it the alternate universes are not worth it, like Ben 10,000, Ken 10, and Universe 23 Ben.
KivaHoloTitan Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2016
I haven't been able to think of something new to do with them for yet. It may change in the future. But up to now, I got the essentials out of the way. But who knows? Maybe a later edit will change everything.
Rootofalllight Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2016
Exactly. Endless possibilities.
Zigwolf Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Whoa that was a lot of characters. I like the changes to this universe and how things are close to the Prime one but still has some good differences.

I digging the choices in voice actors. I had a funny thought after seeing Joe DiMaggio voicing Atomix, I can just imagine him saying "Bite my glowing radioactive ass"
KivaHoloTitan Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2016
That's the intention of the reboot as a whole.

Well, DImaggio already voiced him in Omniverse, and I prefer to keep a lot of the original voice actors for the aliens, with a few exceptions.
Zigwolf Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Huh, I didn't know that. I wonder why I don't remember that. Maybe because of the voice filter or maybe it's because we only saw him (I think) twice.
KivaHoloTitan Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2016
Yeah, he didn't have much appearances. I think about three or four, and two of them are just a few seconds of appearance...major battles includes him pawning Albedo and fighting Vilgax in his malware suit.
Zigwolf Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yeah, that's a drawback to having so many aliens at this point. I don't even think I can remember most of the new alien's voices as well.
KivaHoloTitan Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2016
I do remember several fo them, but not all. The ones I can remember the least are Fasttrack's and the new voice actors for several aliens in Omniverse, I always think of the original voices for those.
Zigwolf Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I don't think Fasttrack ever talked at all at all.

I think it's the same for me on the number how many alien voices I remember.
KivaHoloTitan Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2016
I think he did, just...little. He was a very pointless alien anyhow.

So in hindsight it was needed for me to cut the alien amount down to a reasonable amount.
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Hertion333 Featured By Owner Edited Oct 17, 2016
I like your idea, but I rather agave someone else voice Ben instead of Tara (nothing against her take on him, but would love to see Ben portrayed differently, but still the same), and he will be a teenager instead of being ten. I do like the idea of the Omnitrix having a A. I. But it would be cool if it was a girl and voiced by Tara instead, here are some ideas of Ben's voice.

Josh Keaton

Jermey Shada 

Bryce Papenbrook 

Johnny Youn Bosch

I actually like the reboot, even though I would love a series where teen Ben finds the watch, it's still not a bad attempt.

Also, I would rather see Ben get a harem instead of Albedo. Oddly enough I would love the Ben 10 reboot get the anime treatment. I honestly don't want Albedo to be a clone of Ben in my reboot idea and just a evil Galvan instead, it would be better if Ben had a evil clone or just another version of him from an alternate universe.

Also, what are going to do with Elena Validus and Eunice?
AdrenalineRush1996 Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2016
Actually, I'm with KivaHoloTitan on the harem subtext on Ben. It doesn't work well for him, hence I did a scene that pokes fun of it on the two-part episode "Fate Awaits" of my fanfic Plumbers of Bellwood
Hertion333 Featured By Owner Edited Oct 18, 2016
Yeah, but it's mostly that he deals with a lot and deserves more love, but I understand that Ben is not the type of guy who would want a harem, but he does deserves one. I'm a Ben 10 harem writer so it's my opinion, it doesn't have to be canon, but I prefer it in fan fics and fan art instead of the actual show it self since it's still seen as taboo in the US.

Also, I have a few ideas of a female Forever Knight if you want to hear it.
KivaHoloTitan Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2016
In this reboot, ben is pre-teen. Older then the original series but not a teen. Much like Ben 23.

And I'm not giving Ben the harem, because he's supposed to be decent. Albedo's not.

I don't know yet, If I knew, I'd have put them in already.
Hertion333 Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2016
I prefer Ben to be 15/16 years old and being more mature, but still the same as his younger self. But it's your idea, it's just my preference.

Ben is a good hearted guy that respects women, that is why he deserves a harem unlike Albedo, but I understand what you mean because Albedo is an asshole, it's just Ben pretty much deals with a lot of crap most of the time and needs more love (hated how they treated him and the girls in Omniverse).

Okay, just thought I put that out there.
KivaHoloTitan Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2016
I chose him to be in between the Young age and his teen age is that because of that, he could have the boyish charm of the Young one but is going towards the maturity of his older self.

I myself do not use the harem trope unless its in context of something. And I only used it once due to Albedo's self-serving oppertunistic personality. That's as far as it goes.
Hertion333 Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2016

I understand the whole idea of harem, but I mostly prefer them in fan fiction or fan art honestly instead of being canon. Mostly because US TV won't allow that kind of stuff.
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