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That's from the same guy who did this: 

It's just way too easy to mock TTGO! for what it is. ITS BECAUSE THEY MAKE IT TOO DAMN EASY!
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I am not joking, because I'm not a prankster. I just passed my exam and I have my official driver's license...

You know what that means...I'm saving up for my very own car!

I'm just so happy...I'll be off having a celebration now.
  • Listening to: Immortals (Big Hero 6 credits theme)
  • Reading: Archie Sonic 269
  • Watching: Big Hero 6 scenes on youtube
  • Playing: Pokemon Alpha Sapphire
  • Eating: Pasta
  • Drinking: Pepsimax
(note most of them are unused demo theme songs I reworked to suit the other seasons)

Tune:… (third theme, starting at 2:18)

Go! Go! (Power Rangers)
Go! Go! (Power Rangers)
Go! Go! (Power Rangers)

Kick into Overdrive
Fight to save human lives
Four monstrous villains spreading fear
Power Rangers get in gear

(Kick into Overdrive)
(Go! Go!)

We’ll be saving humanity
Against any evil that we see
Kick into Overdrive (Overdrive)
Stopping fear
(Power Rangers, go, go go!)
Power rangers Overdrive
(Go! Go! Go! Go!)


This is the last stand for humanity
Power Rangers RPM let’s go!

Go! Get lay in, need some rest
Then Venjix puts us to the test
Don’t they know we’re the best
(Power Rangers)
Evil Machines trying to destroy me
and Corinth City (Yo let me say)

Ah! We’re here to save humanity
(Power Rangers)
This is the last stand and we’ll do our best
(RPM Go!)

Ah! We’re here to save humanity
(Power Rangers)
You’ll never break us, or erase us
Power Rangers RPM, Let’s go!
Power Rangers RPM, Let’s go!

POWER RANGERS SAMURAI… (second theme, starts at 1:14)

Go power rangers Samurai (Go! Go!) Samurai!
Even in a world of hope
In darkest night
Evil forces have some plans
To cause us spite
It’s gonna be monster or man
We got to stop them and we can
(Go! Go! Go! Let’s go)

Go power rangers Samurai (Stand together with) Samurai!
We got the power to defend (and save humanity that stands)
Go power rangers Samurai (Stand together with) Samurai!
We’ll keep on fighting til the end.
Power Rangers Samurai!


Me-ga-force! Go!
Power Rangers Megaforce
Power Rangers Megaforce

Five mystic warriors will save the world today
Technology will show them all the way
they're gonna make all the bad guys run away


Me-ga-force! Go!

Power Rangers... Megaforce
Power Rangers Megaforce i

Power rangers Me-ga-force!


Go! Go! Go!
Power Rangers Legendary!
Power Rangers Legendary!
Power Rangers!

By your side, this team of glory
Join us among the legendary
Save the world and fight for all
Fight with us, standing tall

Power Rangers Legendary!
Power Rangers Legendary!
Power Rangers!
Evil forces, bring it on
Let our courage conquer all
Power Rangers legendary strong

Power Rangers Legendary!
Power Rangers Legendary!
Power Rangers Legendary!



We have come to join the theme
To fight the Venjix War machines (let’s go)
It’s gonna be a bumpy ride

Don’t they know we’ll find a way
Power Rangers are here to stay
(Go! Go!)

Is anybody out there?
(Yes we are).
Can anybody hear me?
(Yes we can)
Shut up now, pull together and stand our ground
(Let’s go!)

Cause if they try to take us
(Set in gear!)
They will never break us
(We are here!)
We’re fighting for the survival of humankind

Po-wer Ran-Gers! Cyber Corps!
Po-wer Ran-Gers! Cyber Corps!
PR Animated series: New theme songs
I found a few demo tunes from other power rangers seasons and reworked them a bit to become theme songs to replace the horrible theme songs of other seasons. 

Why isn't Mystic Force theme replaced. Because I may be one of the few to actually like that one.

The only thing I couldn't fit in was a tune for operation overdrive. Seriously 'operation overdrive' are way too many syllables. If anyone can help me with that...much appreciated

EDIT: I found it! I used the third unused rpm theme for OPeration Overdrive. I didn't like the third theme at first but after listening a few times it grew a bit on me. I had to cheat a bit by having 'operation overdrive' turn to 'overdrive', otherwise it'd be too much syllables to properly match the music. I also swapped the tunes for samurai and megaforce after finding it'd fit better.

But that makes that nearly no loose ends are left.

In an alternate world, the Venjix virus got unleashed, having taken over nearly every system in the world and building robot armies to take over and exterminate all organic life in the world. In this post-apocalyptic wasteland, only a few human colonies remain. One of them is Corinth.

When Venjix unleashes robotic creations upon the city in attempts to take out the final human colonies, a new task force is formed, Power Rangers RPM. Scott Truman, former member of the Eagle Squad, Summer Landsdown, hailing from nobility and Flynn McAllister, Scotsman mechanic, become the Power Rangers RPM.

They are mentored by Scott’s father, Colonel Truman and assisted by young prodigy scientist Doctor K. Two members, the clumsy but good-natured Ziggy and the amnesiac Dillon, who is in fact a cyborg.

Meanwhile, Venjix operates from his palace with his generals Shifter and Crunch, as well as the human-like gynoid Tenaya 7.

All of these events tie in with the past of Dr. K. A prodigy taken in by an evil government faction called Alphabet soup, she was forced to work day an night on a Ranger project. One day she planned an escape with her fellow captives Gem and Gemma, and wanted to use the Venjix virus to do so, but the virus grew more powerful then she could control…in the end she escaped but had to live with the mistake ever since.

To relive her missed childhood, she gave the Zords she designed cute anime-esque animal designs and colorful personalities to fill the void. Eventually her role in the creation of Venjix was exposed and she was briefly wanted but was given the chance to work to fix her mistakes.

Gem and Gemma are later revealed to be alive, having survived and having become the Gold and Silver Rangers, and join up with the rest of the team to keep fighting Venjix.

Venjix would not be the only threat. There would be several experiments that were done in Alphabet Soup with genetics and interdimensional traveling that would come back to bite humanity in the butt. Like a monstrous being called a Storm Wyrm (Warmeikle) or Wasserman, a being that feeds on soundwaves (Lumbiaco).

The most prominent experiment is a portal that leads to a samurai dimension from which at times monsters would escape (Like Bakki, Rairaiken and Gokugokumaru). One of Dr. K’s old friends from Alphabet Soup, simply called Q, has ended up in this world, and started a family, and helped the primitive society evolve with his own scientific knowledge.

However, the evil empress didn’t like that and would send monsters to attack. But Q has developed a giant mech called the Engine Shogun Zords based on Dr. K’s blueprints, entrusted to a trio of samurai warriors, to defend the people. In the end, with help from the Corinth Rangers the samurai manage to defeat the evil Empress and her monsters.

Venjix would soon get a taste of his first bodies (Hiramechimedes), but each model ends up destroyed and he resides once again in his pillar at the palace. An attempt for Shifter to present Venjix with a new body (Horonderthal) ends up sabotaged by Tenaya and results in Shifter’s banishment. He uses the unused attack bot in a scheme however, that would start with trying to control the ranger’s zords, to upgrading himself with the Hyperbot’s remaining power to turning Scott in a rusted statue.

Scott breaks free through sheer will and would be the one to slay Shifter, only for the remains of the general to be recycled in a new body for him to inhabit. Shortly after, Venjix’ last general Kilobyte would return to aid his master.

Soon after, the heroes discover a Pai Zhau temple from their world, where an alternate version of Dai Shi was sealed in a tiny orb, and along a turtle spirit using Rinshi are uncovered. Since the Pai Zhau of their own world are extinct, they bring the Pai Zhau masters of another world to theirs, the Jungle fury rangers. When the alternate Dai Shi is installed in the Nunchuck attacks bot, it takes both teams’ ultrazords to finally take it out.

Later on, Dillon finds out Tenaya 7 is actually his sister, also converted into a cyborg. However, things are made more difficult when Kilobyte abducts and reprograms her into Tenaya 15.

Venjix is revealed to have had sleeper agents inside the city and uses his influence to launch a final attack by tearing down the shields of Corinth. Thanks to stolen data on the biosphere (morphing grid) he deletes Gem and Gemma and most of the zords while Dillon struggles to keep himself from being overtaken.

Dillon pulls through with an antidote created by Dr. K, which he also injects in Tenaya. Dr. K manages to regain control over the biosphere and turn the tables, reviving Gem, Gemma and the zords and deleting most of Venjix’ army.

While Kilobyte is destroyed by the Ultrazord, Crunch ends up being destroyed in the self-destructing command tower which Dillon and Tenaya barely escape from.

When Venjix uses the regenerative gear technology from his palace to recreate himself giant-sized, Dr. K installs the new antivirus in the zords and with the new ‘Phoenix’ antivirus to finally defeat Venjix forever…

Upon his defeat, Venjix’ factories shut down and organic life is able to thrive once more. Though Scott’s morpher glows with a single red menacing light…

The Ashura clan, a race of otherworldly demons that live in the Netherworld and feed on human despair. They were defeated ten years ago and sealed by a clan of samurai, but they were not destroyed. The next generation of warriors would be trained to stop the Ashura would they one day again rise.

Mark Ozawa and Keiji Ayakawa are sparring in a dojo located in Stone Canyon when suddenly the Dread Castle rises from the earth. The two rush to do battle with the evil force spilling out from the castle but they separate when Keiji cares more for fighting than helping others. Mark is injured and Mr. Mason, his loyal butler, puts out the call to four other warriors who have trained their whole lives to fight this evil force. Together, Mark (Red); along with Oscar (Green), Lisa (Pink), Iris (Yellow), and Adewale (Blue) become the newest team of Power Rangers: the Power Rangers Samurai.

The Ashura are led by Master Xandred, who is the leader of the Ashura. Due to side-effects of the seal placed on him long ago, he can’t stay out of the Netherworld for too long or he petrifies, as well as being plagued by headaches.

By his side are Nocturna, female who plays her harmonium to soothe his rage, as well as making the monsters grow using its haunting tone.

Octomancer, an old wise Ashura who acts as an advisor, medic (to make medicine for Xandred’s headaches) and master magician.

The forces of evil recruit Keiji after they learn he’s a descendant of their clan. As the season would go on, Keiji would learn to harness his inner Ashura powers and turn into a monstrous form (Deker). Keiji would gain the affections of Nocturna to Master Xandred’s jealousy. He and Mark would clash several times over the course of the show, the main rivalry lasting throughout the season.

Nocturna is not a real Ashura, but an artificial one, as she was once a mortal girl who gave her soul to the Ashura to save the life of the man she loves, only for that man to run away from her upon seeing her new form, leaving her heartbroken and nowhere else to go then the Ashura.

Soon after, Bulk and his son Eugene join them, to aid the Rangers in their battle. They even run a sushi shop. Eugene eventually becomes the Gold Samurai Ranger after some initial reservations from the team.

A new Ashura general named Serrator would emerge with his own agenda. He wants to destroy the world, not conquer it unlike the other Ashura. He ended up being destroyed by the combined might of all the Rangers’ zords.

Shortly before Serrator’s ultimate defeat, the Samurai Rangers teamed up with the RPM Rangers from an alternate dimension, and help to permanently take out the last of Venjix’ generals, Professor Cog. During this we also get a glimpse of the Megaforce rangers.

Three fourths of the way through the season Mark would discover he was actually the long-lost brother of Keiji and would leave the Rangers to settle things. Taking his place would be Alison, his distant cousin. Mark and Keiji would have their final duel and choose brotherhood/humanity over feud.

Nocturna would be absorbed by Master Xandred to have her for himself and use her power to make himself immune to further sealing. Xandred brings his entire army in the world and would lead the final battle against the Earth.

So the Rangers decide to just keep fighting and after a long and grueling battle, Keiji rips Nocturna after Xandred, and the Samurai Rangers would finally destroy Master Xandred. The castle, along with Octomancer and his army, are sucked back into the Netherworld as fades from existence. The world is safe for now.

The Earth is threatened once more. A young Eltarian, who has just finished his guardian education named Zik (whom replaces Gosei), travels to Earth to walk into the footsteps of his idol Zordon and make a new Ranger team so the world could be protected. Zik himself is fairly young so he wonders if he can be half the mentor Zordon was, but his robotic assistant Hyper joins him in his endeavor to support him.

He develops the Zord Headder tech, and the five primary Headders (Dragon, Phoenix, Shark, Snake and Tiger) pick five teenage heroes to wield their power and become Megaforce Rangers and commanding the power of the Megaforce Megazord. Trevor (Red), Milla (Yellow), Jackson (Black), Nate (Blue) and Mari (Pink) are the new defenders of Earth.

The first threat the Rangers deal with are the Insectoids, led by Admiral Malkor, Slash (Creepox) as his right hand monster and Vrak as their chief scientist and inventor.

The heroes would unlock more and more Headder Zords along the way, one of which can even cause Hyper to assume a giant battle form called the Hyperzord formation. Together with the Megaforce Megazord, they can combine into the Hyperforce Megazord. The latter of which is able to destroy Creepox and later Admiral Malkor.

Vrak survives and unleashed the Toxic Mutants, a new set of villains consisting of himself in a new armor, Visceous and Kinggon (Bigs and Bluefur). At the same time a new ally named Robo Knight emerges. He was created by Zik but was damaged long ago and has forgotten his past. He only remembers his programming to protect the world, but doesn’t count the humans as part of it, but thanks to befriending the Megaforce Rangers he becomes reminded again that he should also protect the humans.

Robo Knight can also become his own Lion Headder Zord and connect to a mecha called the Lion Grounder, and assume the Ground Megazord formation. The Ground Megazord and Megaforce Megazord could combine into the Groundforce Megazord.

When the Toxic Mutants enact their final plan, the Rangers gain the power of the Masterforce Megazord which would help them to end the reign of the Toxic Mutants forever, and seemingly of Vrak.

However, Vrak later turns up alive again, having become an Ashura and taken over the Netherworld, and gained alliance from Octomancer, which causes the heroes to team up with the Samurai Rangers. The Legendary Rangers come from the future briefly as well to destroy Octomancer, while the newly formed Hyper Groundforce Megazord, charged with Symbol Power, destroys Vrak.

Vrak had a backup however, and had constructed robotic servants in case he would be defeated. Metal Alice and the Herald (Messenger) would recover his body and rebuild him as a cyborg, but he has lost his memories. Metal Alice helped him recover them. The Messenger would end up destroyed by the combined efforts of the Rangers’ zords, as Metal Alice takes a blow for her master, but is coldly left to die as she explodes.

Vrak then assumes his true form, and reveals that similar to how Zik was inspired by Zordon, Vrak was inspired by his idol, Lord Zedd. He kidnaps and brainwashes Robo Knight and creates three Wedges which would destroy the world. After snapping Robo Knight back to his senses and after a long grueling battle, Vrak is finally destroyed and his wedges stopped.

Zik has finally made a name for himself just like his idol and is proud of himself and of his rangers.

The Armada, a huge military of intergalactic proportions have set their sight on universal conquest. The Power Rangers of Earth have spread out far and wide to combat this threat, but it is a new team who has the potential to end the Armada’s threat forever. The crew of the Legendary Galleon…The Power Rangers super legends, who are able to assume the forms of all previous generations of Power Rangers.

Captain Scarlet, Doc, Strider, Taryn and Amelia were branded as pirates for the Armada, but every opposition towards the Armada hails them as heroes. They frantically search for a treasure, one that holds the key to wiping out the Armada forever and they believe it to be on Earth, where the Power Rangers in general hail from. But to get to the treasure they have to earn the respect and full power of every previous Ranger team first.

A portion of the Armada follows them to Earth. Led by the spoiled prince Vekar. He is aided by his cyborg bodyguard Argus (who was formerly Argyle, Strider’s old friend captured and converted by the Armada), his chief of staff Damaras and Levira, the chief scientist.

The first power they obtain is of the Mystic force after meeting Red Mystic Ranger Nigel, which allows them to use the Mystic Dragon.

Second would be the legendary power of SPD after running into Jack Landors, Z Delgado and Anubis ‘Doggie’ Kruger of Space Patrol Delta and obtain the Delta Runner.

The third legendary power would be obtained from Casey, the red Jungle Fury Ranger. During these events Levira demonstrates her cloning expertise by creating a clone of the war god Pachacamac (which the Jungle Fury and Operation Overdrive Rangers had slain before).

The third legendary power they would obtain is from the Wild force, in the form of the Red Lion zord after gaining approval of Red Wild Force Ranger Cole Evans.

The Red lion Zord would be used to later channel Symbol Power after the Rangers would gain the respect of the red Samurai Ranger Jayden.

Sean Austin, the red Turbo Ranger would be the one who’d pass the greater Turbo power onto the Legendary Rangers after an incident with Levira crushing on him and dealing with the monster Invidious.

Aside from the Armada, a new enemy arises. Basco, the galaxy’s most wanted privateer. He used to be part of a crew alongside Captain Scarlet under the Phantom Ranger until Basco betrayed them. Basco has the keys of all the sixth and auxiliary rangers, but the Rangers obtain those as well from him. He has a pet monkey named Sally who can produce giant lifeforms galled Giganoids to cover his escape.

Shortly after obtaining the sixth ranger keys, the Legendary Rangers would team up with the Megaforce Rangers dealing with a monster named Legion (Black Cross King), a monster created from the malice of defeated Power Ranger villains. He was able to turn all the ranger keys into loyal minions as well as revive Vrak, Venjix (in his Yogoshimacritein form) and Sculpin of Mystic Force’s Ten Terrors as generals. Regaining both the keys and slaying his minions, Legion becomes a giant colossus and creates an army of phantoms of defeated enemies, but upon summoning all the previous primary Megazords of the past to aid them, Legion is slain.

A sixth Ranger, Orion, would join the crew. He was a student on Reefside and an apprentice Silver Guardian, having been in contact with the Mighty Morphin, Dino Thunder and Time Force Rangers. He gained his own Ranger powers from Tommy and Wes when he risked his life to save some civilians and would be a great asset thanks to an encyclopedic knowledge of power rangers.

The heroes would gain the great Lost Galaxy power when helping Mike and Leo Corbett out against Basco at one point.

Shortly afterwards the Rangers encounter a ghost ship piloted by the Undead Los Dark who piloted his own fake Legendary Megazord, and on his ship housed the souls of dead Power Ranger foes. The ship, Los Dark, the fake Megazord and the souls of the villains would soon all be destroyed by the real Legendary Megazord.

The Rangers would obtain the Great power of Operation overdrive when helping Mack Hartford deal with a revived Moltor (thanks to a treasure called the Heart of Hades). Moltor ends up destroyed a second time by the Legendary Megazord using the greater Overdrive Power.

Dana Mitchell the Pink Lightspeed Rescue Ranger would be threatened by Basco as well and helping her would result in the rangers getting the legendary Lightspeed power.

The three core Ninja Storm Rangers Shane, Dustin and Tori would reappear to help out the Legendary Rangers with Levira’s clones of Vexacus and Shimazu, and obtain the Legendary power of Ninja storm and the remodeled Mini-Zord alongside it.

After an encounter with Blue Dino Thunder Ranger Ethan, they realize the full power of the Dino Thunder great power incorporated in Orion’s zord and unlock a new formation.

Zeo Rangers David Truehart and Katherine Hillard would pass their ultimate Zeo Power on to the Legendary rangers after yet another encounter with Basco, who reveals his true monster form in the progress. Their great power would also help in creating the Legendary Rangers’ own cannon weapon.

The Rangers would get the Great Power of RPM once they helped Scott Truman take down the rebuilt Professor Cog.

Shortly after, after discovering their own Greater Power, they form their own Ultrazord, which results in the death of Prince Vekar when his mech is destroyed by the Rangers’ zords, while Strider also destroys Argus.

With the help of yellow Time force Ranger Katie the Legendary Rangers travel back in time, not only to explain their appearance in the Megaforce/Samurai crossover, but also set up events that would lead to them gaining the Legendary ninja power from Kimberly Hart, which takes the form of Zordon’s battle mode (Ninjor/Ninjaman).

After the death of his son, Emperor Mavro comes down to Earth to avenge his son. Damaras gets a chance to redeem himself after failing to protect Vekar, but this ends in his demise. He is then replaced by Redker of the Imperial guard.

Basco would use an underhanded trick by letting Sally infiltrate the Rangers’ ship and steal their treasure. However, Sally ends up befriending the Rangers, and for that treason she gets blown up. After briefly taking over their ship, Basco is destroyed in a final duel with Captain Scarlet.

The treasure they have been looking for is a relic born from the Morphin Grid itself, which can reshape the universe at will, but it will also erase the Power Rangers from existence. Not wanting to sacrifice their predecessor’s hard earned work, they destroy the relic and instead decide to stop the Armada with their own power.

The Emperor gathers his entire battle fleet to destroy Earth, and the Rangers gather all previous generations of Power Rangers in a final battle. The Rangers destroy the high ranked members Levira and Redker, and then use all of their power to destroy Mavro.

In the world of RPM, after Venjix’ defeat, the humans have been rebuilding their world and nature has started to blossom again. In response a new, clean energy source has been created from the very biosphere, called the Enegrid. Colonel Truman and Dr. K are at the head of the distribution now, but while the Venjix virus still exists, and grows to dangerous proportions after coming in contact with the Enegrid.

Dr. K, to prevent Venjix from spreading again, sends the entire facility in a pocket dimension called the Subspace to trap it. However, a lot of her RPM research was in the facility, and fears in case Venjix would return, it would have defenses against the RPM arsenal. So Dr. K creates new Ranger powers to one day counter the new and improved Venjix.

Scott himself has taken on the rank of Colonel when his dad retired due to health reasons. Dillon and Summer recently started a family so they didn’t take their Ranger duties on again. Ziggy, Flynn Gem and Gemma have taken the RPM gear to fight off a threat somewhere else. Dr. K remains and acts as the tech support for the team.

Three new members were chosen to replace them. The first is Johnny King, an Eagle Squad member under Scott who lost his parents in one of Venjix’ attacks. Next is Arjuna Patel, a mechanic tutored by Flynn and finally Dr. K’s prized pupil, Kelly O’Hare. They are aided by a new generation of Companion Droids, which can also serve as the steering mechanism of their zords: Ace, Lapis and Kong.

Venjix himself has aligned with a nihilistic master hacker, who calls himself Enter. Later, Enter creates a female avatar was created in the image of a human girl named Eva-6 joins his evil crew. Their goal is to gather more Enegrid energy so he can grow more powerful, escape his prison, and assimilate the entire planet.

Later on, the heroes are joined by a new member named Benjamin Miles, Arjuna’s good friend. He, alongside Tenaya, who now has walked in her brother’s footsteps, become the gold and silver Cyber Rangers, evening the playing field.

A sixth and final member would come in the form of the green Ranger, pop idol turned superhero Kaya, the first female green ranger (Modeled after Ene-Tan).

Venjix was able to briefly gain a physical form to combat the Rangers with, but as his core was destroyed and his body damaged he appeared defeated. However, Enter has made backups of his master in the form of special cards which would create monsters which would evolve in a new Venjix. He himself also discards the remains of his humanity to become a fully mechanical being.

Enter is revealed to be Lyle Taylor, a youth coming from Alphabet Soup just like Dr. K, Q, Gem and Gemma, though unlike them he didn’t turn out too well. He used to be friends with Johnny, who was a delinquent in his youth and made trouble with Enter until he matured and left to join Eagle Squad.

Venjix, with help from Eva-6 and become a robot even bigger than the Megazords, until the Rangers, super charged by an Anti-Virus, destroy Venjix’s giant body. Enter and Eva-6 would still cause problems on their own afterwards, and the backups of Venjix weren’t all gone.

During one of them he teamed up with the remaining heir of Armada Emperor Mavro, Count Velkan, which led to the RPM Busters and Legendary Rangers teaming up.

Soon after, Eva-6 takes one of the final backups into herself and turns into a giant conglomerate, but gets destroyed by the Megazords. Enter himself has planted the final backup in Johnny, copying his ranger data into himself to become a Dark Cyber Ranger at will. But slowly Venjix starts to overtake Enter.

Enter’s last bit of humanity reemerges when he is forced to completely delete Johnny. He can’t go through with it and instead takes the backup out and into himself, so the Rangers aren’t forced to sacrifice their friend. He holds Venjix back long enough to leave himself open for attack, and Enter dies, asking forgiveness and he takes Venjix with him. This time for good.

In an epilogue, a demon called Deathscythe (Azazel) proves too much for the Cyber Corps alone to defeat, so the former RPM Rangers come back together and help their successors destroy Deathscythe.
Re: Power Rangers the animated series RPM-GB
For now the final part of my animated series take on the power rangers franchise. I incorperated ideas from my RPM BUsters idea and made Megaforce and Super Megaforce seperate seasons and reworked them a lot. 

I'm not revamping Dino charge because that season hasn't finished yet. Afterwards I may do an entry for it. Same for future seasons

Edit: Just cutting out the crossovers with non-ranger franchises.

Edit: Reworked the Go Busters bit with elements of the unused concept for the Gobusters adaptation Cyber Corps (the good elements). Read that, plus more about unused concepts right here:…

Final edit: Forgot to alter the samurai adaptation, replacing it with the ideas mentioned in the link above. I also replaced the entire ranger cast of Megaforce with new characters that are not totally bland.

TRUE FINAL EDIT: Found more information of the unused concepts, and added the details I skimmed over into my ideas.……
Tomorrow i'll be making my attempt to pass my driver's exam...second attempt in fact, last time I got way too nervous and failed. This time should be better though...i think. My tutor thinks I'm ready...I hope so.

Wish me luck!
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That's from the same guy who did this: 

It's just way too easy to mock TTGO! for what it is. ITS BECAUSE THEY MAKE IT TOO DAMN EASY!
  • Listening to: Immortals (Big Hero 6 credits theme)
  • Reading: Archie Sonic 269
  • Watching: Big Hero 6 scenes on youtube
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Joeri De Waegemaeker

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