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Because I'm fluffy. by KivaHoloTitan
Because I'm fluffy.
I had a silly idea for a parody on the song 'happy' by Pharrell Williams. Here Thunderbolt sings it, but it is so sudden she gives a heart attack to her master...luckily she has electric power to jump start his heart again. I'm so silly...


Thunderbolt: UH!

Eggman: Gah!


Thunderbolt: because I'm fluffy
Cuddle me like a big fuzzy teddy bear
Because I'm fluffy
I'm so soft and cute, you can take me everywhere

Eggman: Snively was lifestyle makes me prone to heart attacks.


Because I'm fluffy
Bunnies, kitties step aside, chinchilla is the new and bestest fluff
Because I'm fluffy
Once you felt my soft furry collar, you can't get enough
Contest entry for Mixedfan by KivaHoloTitan
Contest entry for Mixedfan
I entered scott's contest about making a Sonic Universe-centered piece of fanart.

The recent sonic universe arc is really good and centers around my favorite sonic character. So I drew her, Nicole, fighting of Phage, alongside a broken Dr. Ellidy mourning over the death of his daughter Nikki.
Cortex has the world in his pocket by KivaHoloTitan
Cortex has the world in his pocket
I watched Lego Batman 3 playthrough. I remember Neo Cortex shrinking the world once. Cortex is a funny villain. 
Relic the pika meets a mummy by KivaHoloTitan
Relic the pika meets a mummy
Relic seems to go fangirl whenever she meets faces from the past. She did so for Tikal, and she does so too when meeting Sonic's mummy ancestor, and demands to tell him all about the past!

Relic the pika has grown on me if you can't tell.
My reviewer persona redesigned by KivaHoloTitan
My reviewer persona redesigned
My reviewer persona. He combines aspects of Mobians, Kamen Rider Kiva, which I myself named after, as well as Kamen Rider Gaim for his armor, only the armor being based on a Teen titans communicator instead of a armor fruit. 

Henshin example:…
Characters can be adopted, so why not fanfics? I myself will be too wrapped up in my own sonic fanfics so why not leave the fanfics in better hands? Ones that do have time for it? So with that said...i leave my Teen Titans and Crash Bandicoot fanfics up to adoption.

I do not demand payment for the adoption. All I ask is that the ones adopting them, prove themselves capable first. The ones who want to adopt it, first need to show me a bit of writing centered around the Titans or Crash Bandicoot to see they know how the characters work. When I'm satisfied with it, I'll allow them to carry on the legacy. Seems fair right?

If they are to continue the storyline I planned, probably some liberties have to be taken so it would fit thier own writing style, so if there are moments like that, please consult with me first if you do that. Also make sure you can update it on regular basis, unlike me.

That seem like reasonable rules. So here I'll list them again.



I am not handing over my nuzlocke because with Pokemon that would be impossible...
  • Listening to: Immortals (Big Hero 6 credits theme)
  • Reading: Archie Sonic 269
  • Watching: Big Hero 6 scenes on youtube
  • Playing: Pokemon Alpha Sapphire
  • Eating: Pasta
  • Drinking: Pepsimax


Joeri De Waegemaeker

Planning a new sonic reboot. Any ideas for a title? 

6 deviants said Freedom Fighters Forever
3 deviants said Super Sonic Chronicles
2 deviants said Sonic Re-Boosted
1 deviant said Tales of the Blue Blur
1 deviant said Sonic Unchained
1 deviant said Sonic Trinity
1 deviant said Other? (comment please)
No deviants said Hyper Sonic ZX
No deviants said Sonic Azure
No deviants said The Hedgehog Conundrum


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Scurvypiratehog Featured By Owner 2 days ago
hey buddy! :aww: You know that People always say that aquaman is the lamest DC hero ever, when that is clearly not true? 

Well, do you want to know, who is the REAL lamest hero in the DC universe?
KivaHoloTitan Featured By Owner 2 days ago
I personally really like Aquaman. He is the opposite, he's quite the badass. King of the seven seas, ruler of seventy percents of the world, has hydrokinesis, atlantean magic and control of anything in the oceans. 

But who would you think the real lamest hero in the dc universe?
Scurvypiratehog Featured By Owner 2 days ago
I agree! I said, it was totally wrong that he is the lamest! I would say he is one of the most powerful. he can control all water creatures, and even creatures related to water creatures. Linkara even says Aquaman could even control Cthulhu. 

Easy. he's name is Arm-Fall-Off-Boy. he can detach he's limbs, and use them as clubs. 
KivaHoloTitan Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Aquaman awesome points have gone up significantly. He controls Cthulhu, any argument is invalid. I also liked his recent animated feature with the justice league. Bulletproof, knife proof and he sicked a great white on black manta. 

I heard about him, from the list of lamest dc villains. I think someone was either high, stupid or wanted a really good laugh. 
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zkfanart Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Thanks for the fave! ^^
masonicon Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Do you take requests/Point Commissions?
KivaHoloTitan Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Not at the moment. If I do, I'll post a journal
HappyAggro Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Thanks for the fav on the Super Sentai/Power Rangers crossover pic!
Quinstiff Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student Traditional Artist
Hey Kiva, have you seen the new Teen Titans Go! episode?
KivaHoloTitan Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Not yet
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