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Time to round up the second act of this crossover, I’m Kiva, and I’m doing this!

So the heroes confront the gigantic Sigma-2 and his Maverick army and there is another huge ass fight, the so manieth…you know, it doesn’t have to be alla bout fighting. I’d be lying if I said it doesn’t look cool but give the heroes and the readers time to breathe!

Now, Sigma realizes the new fused world he created won’t last and won’t feed him forever so he is going to fuse more worlds into it to keep it going, and creates more portals and engines to do so.

Okay…the death of Team Dark proves you clearly didn’t give a shit, but you cannot honestly tell me anyone would look at this and not even think in the slightest bit: ‘We have a crapton of characters already, maybe we don’t need to add more.’ It’s called common sense, people!

So the heroes try to fight back, get overwhelmed, the mad scientists’ plotfart cannon is destroyed and things don’t look good. Vastly outnumbered, Sigma divides his forces, several going to travel to other worlds to plant engines, while he leaves behind enough Mavericks to finish the weakened heroes.

However, the heroes get help…Sticks arrive with several Street Fighter characters as her improved Team Sticks. Bitch, they could crush you in a second, I’m calling it Team Street Fighter. And though how much I don’t want to add more characters to this massive character roster already, I admit seeing them fight the Mavericks is pretty awesome.

Oh, and the face Sonic makes when Guile mentions his Sonic Boom…that’s how I look every time I watch Sonic Boom as well.

So the Mavericks get destroyed…and okay, these humans have exceptional skills but I don’t think it’s wrong to think that they could just outright destroy evil androids so easily?

So they make a plan, they split up to stop the Unity Engines. They also gather the Chaos Emeralds as a backup plan. Yes…the Chaos Emeralds just now get into play, near the last third of this story. If they had been an actual part of the plot then some of the stuff would perhaps have made more sense and woudn’t come out of the left field. In short, lazy writing.

And Sally thinks that at this point, while Sigma is monitoring all of the worlds he is trying to fuse, the Sky Patrol will be beneath his notice. Er…Sally, you are supposed to be a strategist right? Because that didn’t sound very smart, you still should watch the Sky Patrol…

So while the heroes split up and go to other worlds to sort out this mess, the mad scientists and Xander Payne (took his sweet ass time doing something) open a portal and take a direct route to the Master Engine fort heir own devious plan. And the issue ends with them smiling evilly…

Oh man, this was short yet again…guess didn’t find much new stuff to rant about…Or it feels like there was little to this issue at all.

So this concludes the second arc. The most readable act of this crossover. The only thing I truely was stark raving mad about was something that was not part of the arc but a tie-in but still…If I put my brain at zero I can still get through this part but there still are issues which I already adressed.

But it doesn’t get better from here. The first act was horrible, the second act was terrible, but the third act will left me confused and empty, and I’ll tell you in the last four reviews why. See you next time.
Worlds Unite review 8 of 12
Another surprisingly short part, and the last one for today. I'll see if I can get the last act done by tomorrow. 

Hello, Kiva here, we’re about to go beyond the halfway point…pretty much it…let’s move on.

So the cast of Mega Man and Mega Man X are forced to fight their allies from the Sonicverse, and the heroes are waiting for Wily and Eggman to finish a weapon to disrupt the armor of the Deadly Six. Sure the armor needs to be destroyed, I know that, but you guys forget you have the answer to your problems which is…POWER RINGS! You have Power Rings at the core of your ship! Use them to protect your robot friends! You must have spare ones! Use your minds!

But the heroes, having forgotten the importance of the power rings for the sake to have another battle (too much battles, not enough moments to smell the flowers) and have false drama (and a repeat of Worlds collide, with heroes fighting heroes) keep fighting. Unfortunately Gemerl gets controlled.

And then they take control of the turrets of the Sky Patrol and…that is certainly bullcrap because the turrets, like anything on the ship is directly powered by the Power Rings so that should not work at all either.

Meanwhile, we cut to Sticks explaining her predicament to the Street Fighter cast, but with her short attention span she gets distracted and tells about random crap like pasta sauce first…while her friends are fighting for their lives, hurry up you bitch! When she finally gets to proper explanations, I’m surprised they still chose to believe and follow her.

Back with the Freedom Fighters, Wily and Eggman bring in their plotfart cannon and disable the Deadly Six’ armor and the robots. You know, I said it twice and I will say it again, the power rings would have been more effective, wouldn’t take out your own allies and would still leave you with enough strength and time to push forward.

Anyways, the Deadly Six get tossed in the brig, and the heroes forgive one another for fighting since it wasn’t their fault and all of course.

But then we see Sigma, the Master Engine charging up, Sigma entering his second body, powering up and towering above the Lost Hex, so small the Sky Patrol looks like an insect to it. Sigma’s new body looks cool I admit, but I wonder why he would have a Zeti head on his torso. He then unveils an army of all the previous and future Mavericks working for him, ready to advance… and so the issue ends.

That was short…but the issue was very simple after all and I must say, despite some complaints I enjoyed the second arc more then the first, in fact I almost genuinely enjoy it. But I still have issues, like Sticks…the fact the power ring plot gets overlooked…Sticks…a repeat of the heroes fighting…did I mention Sticks?

So okay, the second arc of the crossover is not as bad as the first act and I can at least tolerate it…or I least I would have if not for something that would come up next issue and then would lead to the final act which would make this confusing and convoluted story even more confusing and convoluted. Until next time.

We are continuing Worlds Unite again in the series I still stand by didn’t need to be in this crossover. In fact this crossover didn’t need to be until there was enough Mega Man lore established and there were more competent writers on board and we found editors that didn’t meddle in and instead would do thier actual job. But now to prevent repeat, let’s continue.

So the heroes are having an all out battle with the mechaniloid army. X believes Sigma is using the Genesis portals to revive them. X didn’t even know what the portals were at the beginning and now he understand they can do that? And if Sigma builds them through the portals, why did he need Wily and Eggman and why was that production plant even there if they are portal-generated?

And while anyone fights, Comedy Chimp and Fastidious Beaver, the ones who were dragged in this against thier will and can’t fight, run off to safety like any sane person, while Sticks tells them to come back and calls them cowards. Yeah, Sticks is a bitch, and I won’t let this go because it is obvious by now that what she did was a dick move.

Meanwhile, Eggman and Wily of course plan on turning on our heroes as the chance arrives, and plan to take the Master Engine for themselves. Of course we expect that. Oh and then after cutting through hordes of Robots, the Deadly Six personally fight the heroes.

And the Deadly Six put up a good fight. However, they seem a bit too strong. Sonic is able to fight these guys one on one you know, and now he is joined by a lot of comrades so even with thier enhancements, the Deadly Six should go down much more easily then they do in the issues. I like the Deadly Six, don’t get me wrong, but a bit consistency would be fine.

Sticks is knocked out of the sky Patrol in the fight and falls down to the ground, nobody noticing either due to the fight or wanting to get rid of her. But instead of dying and having mercy on us, she falls in a random plotfart portal and falls in the World of Street Fighter to recruit allies. The only useful thing she does the entire series is recruiting the Street Fighter characters, but I still will not forgive her for nearly killing Roll and endangering the two innocent bystanders.

We get some…admittingly decent fight scene where the Deadly Six appear to be defeated and at our heroes’ mercy. However, the Deadly Six unveil their secret weapon and start taking control of the robots among the heroes (not their minds, but their bodies). One…why didn’t they do that from the start? Second…do you honestly expect me to believe they could do it that easily?

Eggman and Wily must have told our heroes about them and their powers. If not, the heroes could not properly protect them. They should have come prepared. And they do, they have freakin’ power rings, which are established to be able to counter mind control, as in giving Robians their free will back and protecting from the Iron Queen, another technopath like the Deadly Six. And Sigma doesn’t know about Chaos energy so no way he could have a failsafe for that. He doesn’t even use it to power his engines as far as I know.

So the heroes should not be controlled like that, they knew, they have experience with mind control and they have the tools to counter it, so I call bullcrap on this!

Bull (on the john reading a newspaper): Yes?

Not you! Anyways, the issue…I got gripes, but once again this issue isn’t as terrible as previous issues. Few decent action scenes. But there are glaring flaws. The fact Sticks is still there and her bitchiness isn’t rubbed to a sidestory for example, and the fact the heroes literally had everything on hand to counter this mind control but either they or the writer plainly forgot about it.

Step down from the last issue, but I hardly call it aggravating or super terrible but some serious issues nontheless.

We are halfway now, no turning back. Next time we get further into the second arc.

We just finished Act one of Worlds Unite is behind us, but I’m far from done. There is a second and third act to come up, and if we want to put it behind us, I better get my booty in gear. So we’ll dig right into Sonic Universe 77.

So we start with our heroes looking at the mess that is their merged world, and then we see a gathering of the various heroes. While Sticks, the Boom representative is not joining them, X remarks something about Sticks mentioning ‘spy brooms’.

And that is something that gets resolved in the battle books again! But I will adress that certain battle so I can finally tell people how bad Sticks is as a character…Yeah, it’s no secret, I do not like Sonic Boom. It dissapointed me after it hyped itself up as the next big franchise. But the worst thing that was brought forth was Sticks.

Oh sure, she may appear funny. On occassion she may be. But that’s rarely. And she is socially awkward because she is a jungle girl. Yeah I can buy that. That’s not a problem. But she’s also paranoid. There is a huge problem with that…I am going to build on a few quotes of my good friend Scott when he was commenting on Sticks, so I hope he doesn’t mind it when I quote him (though a bit toned down;

“Her paranoia is kind of a plot device rather than a personality trait. I mean her paranoia SOMEHOW manages to help her guess what Eggman's next scheme is, and she's always right. And it's not funny either, it's lazy writing. You DO NOT use a character's personality traits as plot-devices. Oh and paranoia should be a weakness, not a strength for a character! That's just basic logic!

Also, according to Scott, someone on Youtube made an AMAZING point about why Sticks's paranoia is actually a hindrance to her character as opposed to being a relate able personality trait. You see, her paranoia isn't used as a character flaw or anything, it ends up being played as a strength and it allows Sticks to shirk responsibility. Instead of learning from her mistakes and learning not to be so paranoid, the writers try to justify her paranoia and indicate that "Being paranoid is actually a GOOD thing" by having Sticks's paranoid ravings always be right. This is not only insulting to people who actually suffer from paranoia, but it's a terrible message for Sticks to deliver to the kiddies.”

You ask how me why I take it so seriously. Well, because in my youth, in high school, I actually suffered from paranoia, brought on by constant bullying (I’m luckily better now) and I can safely assume that it is not a matter I can take lightly, or the writers for that matter because it’s a real condition and I know first hand how grave it is.

Paranoia should work the following way: if it’s a heroic character, you must know he did something bad in the past or he hides an important secret that could spell disaster (like seeing a crime in action and asked to testify against a maniac for example), it’s natural in that case to be scared or confused. A good example, Mad-Eye Moody from the Harry Potter series. He was responsible for filling half the wizard Prison Azkaban, and has made a lot of enemies, so no wonder he’s paranoid. And it’s a paranoid delusion that can actually come through because he was kidnapped in the fourth book and held prisoner.

If it’s a villain suffering from paranoia, either is it because of a corruption of sorts (if he was good before) or have him become paranoid because of karma, because he’s the bad guy and deserves to suffer. But Sticks isn’t one of those, or is not supposed to be.

You may think: ‘Okay, she brings up bad memories for you and you make some points, but don’t you think you are taking it a bit too far?’ No, I don’t because now I am digging into the actual Sticks battle from the Battle Book that definately proves once and for all that she is not a good character, not in terms of writing, and definately as a person herself.

She attacks Roll with the Training simulator of the Sky Patrol because she thinks the broom Roll has is evil. Yeah…she attacks Roll…for, even if we believe her delusion, may be held hostage or controlled by the ‘evil broom’ and may be an innocent victim, she doesn’t even try to reason first or to get the ‘victim’ to safety instead unleashing the arsenal. And those are not holograms, they are real, as Roll is clearly frightened and doesn’t come out on top unscathed. She could have suffered real damage.

And crazy is not equal to stupid. So would Sticks not inform anyone about her suspicions? They may not believe her, but hey, it’s what you should do. Second, how is Sticks, a jungle girl, so good with the Sky Patrol’s tech, able to operate the Holo-deck? And once again, are you aware that she is attacking Roll just to get at her broom? Innocent bystanders mean nothing to her, and it is reinforced by the fact that she dragged the chimp and beaver from her own world, two defenseless civilians who got pulled in the middle of a war where they can’t fight or contribute and those two are going to be traumatized by the end of it. No really, they will really be traumatized, they show it in the books.

Sticks is crazy, stupid and psychotic. You can argue about how you disagree about her being funny or her paranoia, but the fact she attacks Roll and endangers two random bystanders instead of asking help from her more competent friends, no one can deny that there is something seriously wrong with that. Sticks is a bitch in this issue. And if you still want to defend that…pitchforks on the left, torches on the right, form a mob and come at me!

And the worst is Roll is too easy to forgive her for the misunderstanding, and even feeds her delusion by saying the broom is actually a double spy. I’d shove that broom up her ass faster then you could say ‘You mad bro?’

And yet again, I haven’t made it beyond the first page of this issue without it leading into a huge problem.

We cut to Eggman and Wily, running from the Zeti, and being saved by Xander Payne. You know I almost forgot he was into this because he has so few appearances in this despite the role he’ll play later on.

Oh, and on the Sky Patrol, Sticks returns and asks what she has missed.

George Takei: You are made of stupid!

So, they are comparing notes and wondering what to do next about this ‘Sigma threat’ as Xander Payne comes onto the Sky Patrol with the two evil scientists. The heroes are not stupid (aside from Sticks) and put them in the brig and start questioning them. The doctors asked to be released in exchange for intel on Sigma. The heroes reluctantly comply, while Xander stays in the prison cell until the third act. Yeah, what a waste.

The mad scientists explain that Sigma drains energy from the unified world, and that a single world would be consumed too quickly, and had the worlds merged to create a longer lasting battery of power…That does not make any sense. And what is the energy of the world? Mana? Chaos energy? If you are shoving fictional science down our throats, you can at least elaborate on it a bit better. Still not the most confusing thing in these books.

We get a few moments seeing Sigma overlook his mechaniloid production, and the heroes and villains of both worlds working together. There are some neat refs and interactions, but they are cut too short because they had to make way for long drawn out fight scenes and filler…shame, I think that the character moment between Nicole and Tempo if elobarated upon could really work in a good crossover.

Oh, and Wily’s robot master Shadow Man says he plans on backstabbing the heroes, but nothing comes of it. And we see why I call the Genesis Portals plotfart portals as Sigma uses it to revive Mavericks that have served him in the past. They appear mindless at first only retaining their loyalty towards him…which is not true for other Mavericks as you will see they don’t act mindless at all.

Also, another point that proves this crossover is too heavy on the Mega Man side, the robot army only consists of Mavericks. Just like the Robot Master army from the first crossover. To make it balanced, at least toss in a few Badniks, some Legionnaires or some other villains…Sigma can revive Mavericks, no reason he could not revive, summon or brainwash baddies destroyed by Sonic like Mephiles the Dark or Black Doom…If he can create a time clone of a Maverick, who says he can’t do it, he never denied he could.

The heroes make their way to the Lost Hex with the Sky Patrol, Sigma sending out the Deadly Six and an army of Mechaniloids to hold of the heroes. This issue ends with both sides ready to duke it out.

This issue…is one of the least bad issues of the crossover, and the only thing I could be really mad about, Sticks, was just brought on by the fight from the Battle Books that ties in with this specific issue, but it was not part of it. If you cut out Sticks entirally…the issue is ok as the plot moves forward and there were a few neat character moments.

That’s the nicest I’ve been for any of the issues (not counting the part with the Battle Book) but don’t get used to that, people. Because something may come up next time again…
Worlds Unite 5 of 12
I regret nothing about Sticks. I've listed my reasons, I made my points, they should be valid enough. You are being disrespectful about my opinion, I am disabling comments on it.

Alas, poor Mega Man, why didn’t you get a milestone that doesn’t involve crappy crossovers. You deserve so much better, you were the best Archie series going on at the time, and yet you weren’t immune to this badly written crossover. I don’t blame you, I blame the stupid editors whom pulled you into this. But despite that, I can’t go easy on this issue.

We start with Sigma drawing power from the Master Engine through the unifying worlds, in which Sonic Man and Nega Man are fighting. The freedom fighters and the Wily Robot Masters look around confused and notice their corrupted allies, but they are soon distracted as they are forced to save some civilians from rubble that is created through the unifying of the worlds.

Through the confusion, the heroes on both sides come together and compare notes. And then Team Sticks and Mega Man X’s team show up…after they were absent from the last issue…which should have stayed that way so we won’t have to deal with Sticks…

Why she alone? Why only Sticks? Do they people of Archie think we would be confused by two Sonics? FYI, Archie, we know the difference between Boom Sonic and Prime Sonic, they look different enough, you have published stories with alternate Sonics before so of all the things that confuse us in the crossover, alternate Sonics is not one of them!

Then we cut to the prison from the Mega Man universe merging with the chemical plant zone (why didn’t it fuse with Prison Island is beyond me) as we get a look at Xander Payne…who is a cool original character but he’s just shoehorned into the plot and will not even appear that often yet he is going to have importance later on…he’s pretty much an afterthought.

Oh, and he can now create Genesis portals from his eyepiece after jumping through the timestream, which is another asspull which makes no sense. Even if we can believe he absorbed tachyons through is eyepiece, it was covered by an eyepatch all the way. So, by that logic you could say I can create a Genesis portal with my lunchbox when I carry it with me through time. Though I could totally go fors ome sandwiches…

So the fight with Sonic Man and Nega Man ends with them deroboticizing each other…which they should have done from the start, after all they were programmed that way. During this the heroes hear their enemies’ voices in their heads, saying that Sigma did this and they have to make him pay.

But Sigma figures out the sabotage of the two mad scientists and sense Zeena, Zazz and Zozom after them. You know, the three least intelligent members of the Deadly Six? Master Zik and Zavok are the smartest and strongest, should they not go after them? No? All right, you be stupid as you want, you have plot armor on your side anyways.

Then we see that in the unifed world, Town Hall of the Megamanverse and a GUN Carrier are fusing…why are those two fusing? Those two have nothing to do with each other at all! The Town Hall should merge with the White house and the GUN carrier with…I don’t know another police vehicle or something. It’s like merging a potato with a f*** hippo! There is no logic in this.

And then we get to the single worst moment of this issue, and arguably the entire crossover…the merging town hall and GUN carrier explode and everyone in it dies. Team Dark, which includes Shadow the Hedgehog, Omega and Rouge, they freakin’ die. And if you think they got out, no they didn’t, becaus they confirm this when they find Shadow’s inhibitor ring flying out of the explosion…

Team Dark dies…TEAM DARK FUCKING DIES! Just like that…they haven’t appeared before, they were not involved in any of the fights, they all appeared for one pannel and they get killed off like that…I want to be mad… Not just for what they did for Team Dark, but also that Archie comics decided to not only go through with this…but also to not give it any second thought, or first thoughts for the matter…

But in the end…it won’t matter. They are going to be revived near the end, because Sega won’t let them stay dead. Besides, it was stupid they died like this in the first place. Shadow survived worse, including falling from space, and Omega is tough as nails…and Shadow in the comics can freely chaos control so he at least could get himself a few others out quickly.

It was only done to create shock value…and raise the stakes. You could have done those things without mindlessly killing of some characters that had nothing to do with the crossover up until now. The worlds are merging, there is chaos everywhere and destructions, are those stakes not high enough? Did the death of Team Dark contribute something?


I’m sorry…you should always attack the product, not the writers…but I call bullcrap on this because no one bothered to edit or proofread, or even waste a single thought of their collective single braincell to even think: “Er…maybe this is not a good idea after all!”


I am finishing the rest of as fast as possible so I can calm my nerves. Sonic gets pissed, Mega Man doesn’t recognize Sonic so Sonic has to fill in Mega Man again while there were wasted two pages to it already in the previous issues and this just takes up more pages, the heroes band together to fight the upcoming threat (Team Dark’s death isn’t going to be mentioned again until the end making it more useless), Eggman and Wily hide like Pussy ass bitches from the Deadly Six and Sigma shows up, showing off more Mechaniloids he has prepared but should not be able to make on his own.

Okay…this issue was a bad one…I mean like really bad. Remember when I said that this is nothing compared to Teen Titans Go! Well this issue comes really close to being that kind of bad. I feel insulted by the lack of empathy and the lack of passion being put in these issues.

Archie comics, your jobs are hard, I know that, but this is the job you picked so put your all into it or go out of business and pass the Mega Man and Sonic comics to someone more competent, thank you!

Oh, there is a second story, which shows Mega Man and X bonding. Actually this part is not bad, it is actually quite nice. If this crossover had more of these moments and less boring drawn out fight scenes or stupid plotpoints that go nowhere, then the crossover would be a lot better. But we don’t get nearly enough of those, mostly due to the pacing and the large cast.

This issue really got me mad. The other issues annoyed me, but this one really got me mad and it’s not hard to see why.

And if anyone wants to defend this, especially the useless death scene of Team Dark…I WILL FIGHT YOU ON THE SIDE OF THE STREET!

Act one is done with…but there are two more acts to follow and believe me, it won’t be as aggravating but seriously more stupid and confusing as it goes on!


Mailman: Delivery for Mr. KivaHoloTitan, sign here please.

Kiva (signs the order): Thank you, I have been waiting a while for this package.

Mailman: It was quite heavy…what’s in it?

Kiva: Oh, just a tool that will help me defeat an evil overlord who is a manifestation of everything wrong in my eyes of the entertainment industry.

Mailman: Ok, good luck with that.

Kiva: You’re casual about it.

Mailman: It wouldn’t be the weirdest thing someone ordered on e-bay.
In response to the recent design from her I uploaded. I pretty much copy pasted a comment below on a picture Scott did of Perci.

The more I studied Perci as a character, the more I like her and the more I think she should have been the new main Boom-exclusive character instead of Sticks.

First her personality, she is a guardian and has a strong sense of duty. She is tough as nails...but no one takes her seriously as in the games the people are more concerned with the Mayor's re-election then the attack of Lyric. Perci ask Sonic and his friends to prove themselves by helping setting up the defenses (may seem a bit distant but since she hasn't been taken seriously, it's understandable), but once the heroes do thier little sidequest she warms up to them and even offers to celebrate when its all over.

Also, skills. Her family is hinted to guard Bygone island for generations, and due to the defenses around the island, Perci may be somewhat technically inclined and a combatant...

She didn't appear as much at first but after a bit of studying I can safely say that she is a character that opens up a lot of potential and possibilities. 

Move over, Sticks, Perci should be the major female lead.

The only thing wrong is that her only animated appearance so far was when she was brainwashed into being a fangirl for Justin Beaver. but it was 'brainwashed' as in unwilling so...still no biggie.
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