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Superman may be powerful, insanely powerful. But while the man of steel is not my favorite hero, it is unfair to call him that while there are entities that are way more powerful then him in any regard.

You superman haters probably think; heck no! It can't be. yes it can! Superman at least has weaknesses in Kryptonite and magic, while other heroes as strong may not have those. 

I found two articles where someone has listed supervillains and superheroes who are insanely more powerful then Superman:……

And that's not the tip of the iceberg. There have been much more heroes and villains being able to overpower the man of steel. Like Mongul, Despero, any of the Lantern corpses' Entities, actual gods like Gog or Zeus...

You see, Superman may be in a league of his own. But it seems he gets a bit too much hate for his insane powers when there are others who make him look like a bug. 
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The Teen Titans cartoon has had its fair share of original characters created for the cartoon, but some of these characters are more closely based on existing DC characters, either created as a pastiche, or because they couldn't get rights to the original character, or maybe not intentional. I am going into these characters in detail.

Tramm, Aqualad's mechanical friend doesn't seem familiar, but at one point while fighting the Brotherhood of Evil, he puffed himself up like a pufferfish to increase his strength, which is also the power of another supporting Aquaman character Lagoon Boy.

Melvin, one of the three children Raven protects from the Brotherhood, shares similarities with Spinner, a Doom Patrol member who could bring her imaginary friends to live. She was deformed in appearance and unlike Melvin had more then one imaginary creation.

Private HIVE seems to be based on a DC hero called the guardian, especially since both character have yellow garb and a shield. I wonder if this guy is a Cadmus clone like Guardian himself...

Cinderblock is created as a pastiche of Blockbuster, a hulking Batman villain. Which could make sense since Blockbuster was also a recurring enemy of Nightwing, Dick Grayson Robin's adult persona.

Control Freak may be based on another Batman villain called the Film Freak, his modus operandi always involving movies...Control Freak is that, plus other media included and a few extra buckets of geek and fanboy tossed in.

Mother Mae-Eye may be based on the Queen of Fables, a DC villainess who can pull people in a fairytale-based pocket dimension of hers. Seeing how Mae-Eye is pretty much a Hansel and Gretel Witch, you can see the similarities.

Mumbo shares similarities to the Flash villain Abra Kadabra, only Mumbo's magic is real magic and not future tech. Since Flash's sidekick Kid Flash is a Teen Titan, maybe he was originally planned as part of the main cast.

Billy Numerous may be an analogue to Multiplex. Not only for his duplication powers, but Multiplex was also stronger then a normal human, and Billy and his clones were able to carry a bridge with sheer physical force.

Finally, Red X. If that guy isn't based on Jason Todd's Red Hood, I'll eat my sandals. The suit was created by Robin, they both have the 'Red' in their name, and one of BB's theories of the new Red X's identity on a chart is given as Jason Todd. Jason Todd also started out as a thief, stealing tires of the Bat Mobile. It would also explain how he is able to keep up with Robin as well as bypass his security systems. Don't know about you, but him being Jason Todd is now my headcanon.

So, I hope I managed to educate you a bit on the background and possible thought that has gone in creating some of the show's characters. I may have missed several ones, so you are free to point these out to me. Anyways, I hope I managed to give my fellow titan fans something to reflect upon. 
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  • Reading: Archie Sonic 269
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Jump City…at first sight a normal little city. Not among the scales of Gotham and Metropolis, and the organized crime is vastly minimal here. Jump City didn’t seem like that bad a place. However, you still have to take the gimmicked villains into account. There are plently of those in the city all right. One of them had just assembled his own group to assist him.

“I would like to thank all of you for aiding me in my endeavors to return to my own time. Once the portal is complete, I will give you all secrets and technology from the future which will allow you to become kings of your time.” The leader of this gang said. He was a man in clock-based armor. His name was Emil Lasalle, also known as Warp.

He was joined by four other villains. One is the anglophilic Neil Richards, aka Mad Mod, the geeky Burt Weston, aka Control Freak, Kenny Thompson aka the magician Mumbo and the mech suit wearing A. Donald Ipkiss, aka Adonis.

“Making sure the entire world will worship the Queen!” Mad Mod said excited.

“All the movies and games from the future…” Control Freak practically drooled.

“Centuries worth of magic…” Mumbo  said with a twinkle in his eyes.

“…futuristic tech for my suit, and special steroids for my pecks!” the egotistical Adonis said, flexing his false robotic muscles.

“Yes, yes, you’ll all get your reward. But for me it will be good to just get home after spending years in this primitive era. Then I can recommence my thefts across the timestream without any interruptions of any of those wretched Teen Titans!” Warp groaned.

“Dude, you know when you say that, you jinx it?” Control Freak suggested. The others looked at him awkwardly. “I mean it, watch like every cartoon or movie ever made, every time they say that, it gets jinxed. The Titans may be on to us!”

“I think all of that pulp fiction you occupy yourself with on a daily basis is rotting the few braincells you have!” Mad Mod said as he twirled a finger around the side of his head.

However, as if on cue, the wall of their hideout was blown off, and from the smoke five young teens arose, yet they didn’t look like normal teens. One of them had black spiky hair, a black dominio mask, a red, green and yellow traffic light-like outfit with an R symbol, a short cape and steel tipped boots, with a utility belt. He was Robin, leader of the Teen Titans.

Next to him was a female that appeared human, but her orange skin, purple garb with armored silver parts, and green eyes showed she was alien. That and she floated several feet off the ground. She was Starfire.

Then there was a huge bulky african-American boy with cybernetic parts covering about eighty percents of his body. He was Cyborg.

Then there was the second female of the team. She had grey skin, purple eyes and hair, as well as a dark blue leotard, cloak and shoes. She was also floating in the air. She was the sorceress Raven.

Finally there was a teenage boy in a purple and black outfit with grey gloves and shoes, as well as green skin, hair and eyes, as well as small fang potruding from his mouth. He was Beast Boy.

“Warp, the only time and place you are going, is jail, in the present! Until the Legion of Superheroes can come from the future and bring you back on less time-breaking terms!” Robin said. “Same for the rest of you.”

“What did I tell you! We jinxed it!” Control Freak said. He was bopped on his head by Mad Mod’s cane. “Ow!”

“No…I am nearly done, I will not allow any interference at this crucial point. Crush them!” Warp said.

“With pleasure!” Adonis said as he smacked his fist in his own palm. “It took the five of them to take each of us out individually, no way they can take on the five of us.”

“You seem to have forgotten something…we have come a long way since our early days, so you are in for a big butt-kicking.” Cyborg said back.

“Enough talk, it’s your final show Titans. And for our next trick, we’ll all make you dissapear, forever!” Mumbo said as his wand flared.

“Can we cut the prattle? We have better things to do.” Raven noted dully.

“The only thing we seem to agree on, witch!” Warp said as he prepared himself. “Now, my newly formed Tartarus…get them!”

“Teen Titans! Go!” Robin said as both groups charged at each other and were ready to fight. Starfire rushed at Warp, having a beef with him. Cyborg chose Adonis for a foe. Control Freak headed for his ‘arch-nemesis’ Beast Boy, the magic users Raven and Mumbo would take on one another and that left Robin with the now-youthful Mad Mod.

But Jump City was not the only place where things were going down. There was another place…in fact a whole other world. This world was called Mobius. And on this world, there were different kind of heroes fighting a different kind of enemy.

A small army or robots were advancing on these particular heroes. These robots were tall, humanoids, dark, with dome-shaped heads and a single red optic. These were Swatbots. And a group was currently firing their blasters in the direction of one of the heroes. But that particular hero avoided the attacks at superspeed. As a blue blur, this particular hero zig-zagged rapidly between the shots before he jumped up, curled himself up in ball, and dove into the group of robots, scrapping them.

The hero stood up, revealing himself…as a blue humanoid hedgehog. He had peach skin, blue fur and quills, green eyes, white gloves, and red shoes with white stripes and golden buckles. This was Sonic the Hedgehog. “You know, for a genius Buttnik doesn’t make the brightest of minions.”  

Another group of Swatbots advanced on the blue hero, but then something swooped down and knocked them over. It was a young humanoid fox with blue eyes and yellow fur, except for his chest and snout, where it was white, and the most notable trait: he had two tails…and used them to fly like helicopter blades. And he then used those same appendages to cut several of them in half. “It’s either mass production or quality with low numbers. I guess he chose the former.”

There were now several Swatbots coming in wielding staffs with tasers at the end. But they were then knocked over when a bo staff hit them. It was wielded by a female Mobian chipmunk, with red hair, blue eyes, and brown fur. She wore a blue vest and boots. She displayed several advanced martial arts and skills with a bo-staff, which she used to knock the Swatbots down. “We got no time to waste on them, we need to get to the power core of this station.”

“Then we’ll blast our way through!” another female voice said as the owner of the voice fired at another horde of Swatbots and blew them apart. The voice and weapon belonged to a female rabbit, with cream fure, green eyes, a brown jacket and stetson hat, and a pink leotard. Her left arm and legs were robotic. This cyborg rabbit was aptly named Bunnie Rabbot.

“I suggest a less energy and time consuming approach!” another female voice sounded. There was a pulse of green energy, and all the nearby Swatbots’ systems shut down. It was the courtesy of what appeared to be a female lynx with brown fur, black hands and feet, black markings on her face, green eyes and black hair with beads in it, as well as a purple dress. She blew her finger like a gunslinger would a gun after firing it.

“My new body works better then expected.” This was Nicole, and despite appearing organic, she’s actually an AI now inhabiting a life-like body. “The field test has been passed. But to shut down the power core, I’ll need to get in closer to hack.” She noted her teammates.

“We’re almost there, but first a status check…” Sally noted as she pulled out the communicator. “Antoine, Rotor, how are you holding up out there?”

Outside the flying station, two airshops were in a dogfight with several enemy airshops, and holding up rather nicely. “Nothing to worry princess, they are no match for our flying skills. Robotnik can’t seem to find good help these days.” Rotor the walrus answered over the communicator.

“Just shut that Death Egg down, we can handle the rest.” Antoine D’Coolette replied.

“All right then…let’s move, Freedom Fighters!” Sally said as she and her teammates. They went deeper at the center of the station, apparently called the Death Egg, until they came close to the Power core. Inside the Power Core a blue gem was put at its core.

“There is the Emerald…” Sonic stated as he readied himself. “It seems it’s ripe for picking…”

“But with Robotnik it’s never that easy.” Tails reminded Sonic.

“You are correct!” a deep gravelly voice sounded. Out of the shadows came the arch-nemesis of the Freedom Fighters, the evil tyrant who has conquered a majority of thier planet and has been a thorn in their eyes. A tall human who appears to be fat at first sight, egg-shaped in fact but a closer look would reveal those to be bulk, not fat. He had black eyes with red pupils, a big red mustache, and metal plating instead of ears. He wore a red militaristic looking uniform with golden accents and had a regal looking cape to top the evil overlord look off.

“We are not surprised eggbelly. You used all the tricks in the books already. We cracked open several of your Death Eggs before, we can crack this one open as well.” Sonic said.

“This is no Death Egg. No, it is a new kind of station, one of a kind. I call it the Interdimensional Vanguard for Obliteration. I will be able to warp time and space alike. Instead of being a planet-scale roboticizer, I now am going to warp reality so I am the ruler of Mobius from day one!” Robotnik said.

“The I.V.O.? Talk about an ego, you name dit after yourself. You should call this station the E.G.O. The acronym I’m still working on but it should represent how big your ego is, you need a freakin’ space station to fit it in somewhere.” Sonic taunted.

“Taunt all you want, this time you’ll not stop me.” Robotnik growled.

“I dunno, with one Emerald you cannot just chance reality, reality are not legobricks you can simply break and rearrange.” Tails noted.

“While that may be true, I am going about this differently. I only need to create a ripple. Sonic creates a sonic boom by breaking the sound barrier, I just create a time-and-space boom with one, well-placed, precise shot.” Robotnik noted.

“Like that’s going to happen. We already infiltrated your new I.V.O. no different form any previous base, we are going to stop you, right here, right now and finally will make you face justice for your crimes against the world.” Nicole said.

“I see you finally came out of your computer-like shell, Nicole…after I put your mind in it to begin with.” Robotnik mocked. “But you won’t be able to go near the core to hack it. I will stand in your way.” Robotnik said as he snapped his fingers.

The floor opened up behind him, from which a platform rose on which stood four other figures, and a giant mech that was currently unpiloted. The first figure was human-like, like Robotnik himself. But he was much shorter, as short as the Mobians, with a long pointy nose, nearly no hair aside from three miserable long strands of hair, and wore a green version of Robotnik’s outfit. This was Robotnik’s nephew and underling, Snively Robotnik.

There were two robots that had joined the fray. The first robot was big, bulky and blocky. The other was human-sized, but thinner and slimmer, and he had a black round bomb with a fuse for a head, with red optics and a zig-zagged grin. These were Robotnik’s two personal bodyguards and robotic commanders.

Finally was a Mobian female. She had a blood red dress styled like Robotnik’s uniform, and her eyes were blood red as well. She had a white muzzle, orange skin, and grey plating on her head and back, alongside a tail. She has some sort of red dreads with stingers on the end, black fingerless gloves and a kitty tooth was portruding from her mouth. This was Lyra the leech, Robotnik’s bio-engineered grandmaster.

“I have been itching to pound you puny Mobians into dust!” Heavy said as he pounded his fists together.

“I’m painting the town red, or at least the insides of this chamber…” Bomb said as he produced one of his namesakes and tossed it up and down in his hand.

“Oh…my dollies are here to come back to me…and they brought a new kitty dolly with them.” Lyra said as she eyed the female Freedom Fighters with an insane interest in her eyes.

Snively just sighed. He really didn’t want to be here, but his uncle had forced him. Like his uncle he was going to pilot a big mech suit to fight the heroes. “I guess we’ll have to make the hands of this new armor dirty for this occassion.”

“Bots to smash, cool! And I thought you forgot all about my birthday, Buttnik!” Sonic said in his usual cocky confident self.

“Joke while you can, but I’m serious when I say that today, I will finally destroy you meddlesome Freedom Fighters forever!” Robotnik roared.

“No…today is the day we finally take your evil empire down. Freedom Fighters, attack!” Sally said as the Freedom Fighters stormed into battle. Sonic, of course, would deal with Robotnik. Sally headed for Snively, Heavy would battle fellow powerhouse Bunnie, Tails went for Bomb and Nicole would fight Lyra.

At both fronts, everything was at stake, and on both sides, on both worlds, things were going to get heavy.
Teen Titans and Freedom Fighters Go! 1
Well...I decided to give it a go. My favorite cartoon of all time, crossing over with a franchise where ninety percents of my fanart and fanfiction comes from. Maybe Sonic has not been a main focus as of late...I really wanted to try this. It's an idea I had long ago but never went through on my old account, and this time I make another attempt. 

I am not planning ahead for this fanfic, because my head nearly explodes nowadays as I try to map out my fanfics. So I am going to try something new, just making it up as I go's certainly new for me, but I don't mind a bit of experimenting. 

The first chapter may not seem all that wonderful, at least to me it doesn't. But at least it's not Worlds Unite.

I just find that there aren't enough good crossover titles, and I hope I haven't added on the pile of steaming turds with this fanfic. But it just got started, so it would be early to judge anyways. Besides, it's you guys who can do the judging.

To describe the universe on both sides...this is an alternate timeline for the Titans picking up where season four left off, right after Trigon's defeat. As for Sonic's's definately inspired by Satam and the archie comics, but with some heavy alterations. But they will be revealed as time goes on. But of course I couldn't resist my OC Lyra the Leech. 

Anyways...I hope this will end well with this fic and not just another project I have to cancel or put on hiatus due to personal problems. 
Sonic Cobalt by KivaHoloTitan
Sonic Cobalt
I don't know why I drew this...or why I called it this. 

That next to the slight redesigned Sonic is an alternate version of Muttski, but he's not a dog. he's a different species. Because if there are Mobian versions of our animals, wouldn't it be weird to have feral counterparts of your species be around? No, the exisitng species are Mobians, and their feral counterparts are replaced by other new species.

Again, why did I draw this?
Batman spiderman amalgam, 2nd attempt by KivaHoloTitan
Batman spiderman amalgam, 2nd attempt
I had made a drawing of an amalgam of Batman and Spiderman, my fav superheroes from both dc and marvel respectively, but this time I think I came up with better designs. At least for the Spiderbat fusion and the newly Spidergwen/Batgirl fusion. The Joker goblin fusion is a bit too much joker and not enough goblin...

A lot of artists do this amalgam thing, so wI don't see why I couldn't. So, here are bio's...just for shits and giggles.

PETER WAYNE/DARK KNIGHT (Bruce Wayne/Batman + Peter Parker/Spiderman)

Young Peter Wayne had a tough life. His parents were shot by a mugger when they came back to see a Zorro movie. He was then taken in by his aunt May Parker (nee Pennyworth) and her husband Philip Parker (Ben Parker + Philip Wayne/Kane), whom died in a carjacking accident when Peter reached his teens. Not able to take the losses he traveled the world to train himself as a martial artist, detective and escapist to become a vigilante. After returning, he took control of his father's company Wayne Enterprises, a philantropist company specializing in pharmaceutics, technology and is also sponsers the Daily Gazette (Daily Bugle + Gotham Gazette). 

In his early days he wore a plain ninja costume to fight crime but he didn't frighten the population. Two things inspired him: one was the cave filled with bats he fell in when he was younger, and a genetic experiment with spiders of his company to produce stronger silk. He combined these two aspects in his new suit, bringing fear in the superstitious cowardly criminals. It became even better when he was bitten by one of the genetically enhanced spiders and given superhuman abilities, which only has helped in his crime fighting.

BARBARA STACY/DARK SHE-KNIGHT (Barbara Gordon/Batgirl + Gwen Stacy/Spider-Gwen)

Daughter of one of the few honest cops at New Gotham (New York +Gotham), Jim Stacy (Jim Gordon + George Stacy), she is a childhood friend and love interest of Peter Wayne. She worships the Dark Knight as a hero and used her own skills and technology and acrobatics to become a vigilante in her own right. At first Peter wouldn't get her involved but she wouldn't be swayed. Eventually giving in, he provided her with tools like special gloves and boots and a grappler so she could websling through New Gotham alongside him, fighting together. 

JOKE GOBLIN (Joker + Hobgoblin)

No one knows where he came from or what he wants, just that he's insane, he thinks himself a comedic genius and he's willing to prove it, no matter how much people he's willing to kill. Who is he? Is he the owner of a perfume company? Is he the hooded criminal the Dark Knight accidentally knocked in a vat of chemicals? Is he a former circus artist? No one knows. What they do know, is that when you see him flying towards you on his Smile Glider and holding his deadly Rictus Bombs, it's over for you. 

(I combined Joker with Hobgoblin for the sole fact that for years no one knew the secret identitty of the Hobgoblin. No one knows the Joker's identity either...)
Superman may be powerful, insanely powerful. But while the man of steel is not my favorite hero, it is unfair to call him that while there are entities that are way more powerful then him in any regard.

You superman haters probably think; heck no! It can't be. yes it can! Superman at least has weaknesses in Kryptonite and magic, while other heroes as strong may not have those. 

I found two articles where someone has listed supervillains and superheroes who are insanely more powerful then Superman:……

And that's not the tip of the iceberg. There have been much more heroes and villains being able to overpower the man of steel. Like Mongul, Despero, any of the Lantern corpses' Entities, actual gods like Gog or Zeus...

You see, Superman may be in a league of his own. But it seems he gets a bit too much hate for his insane powers when there are others who make him look like a bug. 
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  • Reading: Archie Sonic 269
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Joeri De Waegemaeker

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